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[News] GNU/Linux Success Inspires Other Walks of Life, Industries

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Open Source Software for Materials and Process Modeling

,----[ Quote ]
| Though on only a tiny minority of desktop computers, open source dominates 
| several fields of use. For example, Linux runs major data centers such as 
| those of Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, the New York Stock Exchange, and many 
| of the world's largest banks. In addition, 85% of the top 500 supercomputers 
| in the world run Linux,1 and Linux is used exclusively by all of the 
| animation studios producing major motion pictures, on both render farms and 
| animator desktops.2 The Apache web server powers over half of websites,3 and 
| the market share of the open source Firefox web browser in Europe is nearly 
| 30%, and is approaching 50% in several countries.4         


Latha Jishnu: The appeal of Jefferson's open source model

,----[ Quote ]
| Innovation in science was being hedged in by the patents thicket and we 
| needed to adopt the Linux model of open source development. BIOS and 
| Bioforge, the online research toolkit offered by Cambia, would work on the 
| same ideals as the open source software movement: everything is offered free 
| but anyone using the technology has to help in improving the core toolkit.    



Who copied who? [Apple or Linux]

,----[ Quote ]
| We think Avant (at top) was probably inspired by Leopard (in the middle), but 
| Apple’s engineers would have likely looked at other desktops themselves. 
| Including Sun’s Project Looking Glass, an experimental interface which has 
| been around for years.   

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