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[News] Google Plugs in With Open Source, Offers Linux-based Services/Appliances

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Google gears Java 5 Web Toolkit

,----[ Quote ]
| Google is this week expected to release the long-awaited update to its Web 
| Toolkit (GWT) adding support for Java 5 Standard Edition language features to 
| speed development and performance of JavaScript.  


Linux-based engines:

Google opens app engine to all, details pricing

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 150,000 developers have joined the waiting list for the Google App 
| Engine since then, and on Wednesday it will be available to any developer 
| without waiting, the company said.   


More GNU/Linux boxes for businesses:

Google beefs up Mini search appliance for SMBs

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Mini search appliance for small and midsize businesses has grown a 
| new set of capabilities for crawling and categorizing documents, the company 
| announced in a blog post Tuesday.  



Google talks up Android: open ecosystems lead to innovation

,----[ Quote ] 
| Love also talked about some of the underlying technologies that are used in 
| the Android operating system. Android uses the Linux kernel, but includes its 
| own custom graphics and windowing system instead of X11. Linux was chosen for 
| Android, he said, because it has a proven driver model, supports numerous 
| architectures, and has been proven to be sufficiently robust and secure for 
| adoption in embedded contexts.     


Google to Host Terabytes of Open-Source Science Data

,----[ Quote ]
| The storage would fill a major need for scientists who want to openly share 
| their data, and would allow citizen scientists access to an unprecedented 
| amount of data to explore. For example, two planned datasets are all 120 
| terabytes of Hubble Space Telescope data and the images from the Archimedes 
| Palimpsest, the 10th century manuscript that inspired the Google dataset 
| storage project.      

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