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[News] Bad News for Microsoft's Partner, Betrayal of Linux Counterparts

Novell hopping with news, but it’s not all good

,----[ Quote ]
| But the news wasn’t all good for Novell: Astrum Inc., a Texas startup now 
| headed by two former Novell employees, for example, filed a suit against 
| Novell for breach of contract in connection with the development of a 
| mini-operating system appliance. The scuttlebutt is that Novell has dumped 
| the partners in favor of a more established company.    



Novell slapped with suit for new mini-OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Astrum Inc., a software security company in Carrollton, Texas, has filed suit
| against Novell Inc. Astrum claims that Novell violated its contract regarding
| development of the mini-operating system appliance that Novell launched last
| month. Novell’s JeOS or Just enough Operating System, is a miniature version
| of the SUSE Linux Enterprise OS, which was created to help independent
| software vendors develop or deploy new SUSE-based applications easier and
| faster.
| Filed in U.S. District Court in Texas’ Eastern Division, the lawsuit contends
| that the two companies entered into a mutual nondisclosure agreement on Oct.
| 25, 2006, to develop the software appliance but Novell violated the agreement
| by revealing confidential information to partners and customers. Then, after
| the prototype was successfully tested in November 2007, Novell engaged rPath
| of Raleigh, N.C., the following April to create the appliances based on SUSE
| Linux Enterprise.
| The suit alleged breach of contract, trade secret misappropriation, common
| law misappropriation, misappropriation of ideas and promissory “estoppel,” or
| broken promises.


Should We Boycott Microsoft? Can We?

,----[ Quote ]
| Except that it's not quite that simple. Microsoft's vision of “live and let 
| live” is predicated on its continuing use of software patents, and of the 
| open source side letting Microsoft and Novell handle all the tiresome 
| implications for open source. In effect, though, this amounts to recognising 
| Microsoft's patents, and accepting its “solutions” for the open source 
| community. “Live and let live” turns out to be tantamount to accepting 
| Microsoft's right to file, own and use software patents, which, in its turn, 
| means accepting they apply to the open source world.       
| [...]
| Above all, it will send a message to the company that the open source world 
| is not falling for the old “embrace, extend and extinguish” trick, and that 
| if Microsoft really wants collaborate, "live and let live" is simply not 
| enough, because of the asymmetric bargain it implies. As a basic 
| pre-condition of working together with open source, the company needs to 
| accept free software's absolute foundation – the ability to share all its 
| code in any way and with anyone – and that, by definition, means no software 
| patents whatsoever.       


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