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[News] Linux Music-playing Device Gets Wi-Fi; Linux-based Simulation Improved

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Linux-based PMP gains WiFi access system

,----[ Quote ]
| Slacker Inc. says its Linux-based personal music player (PMP) can now connect 
| itself automatically to "hundreds of thousands" of WiFi hotspots. The Slacker 
| Portable's new capabilities come thanks to the addition of DeviceScape 
| Connect, a login client and service designed to connect browser-less devices 
| to wireless networks that require authentication.     


WiFi. Just like Zune, only without the nasty DRM and the feature Microsoft
calls "squirting". Microsoft crippled its WinCE device and made no use of
Wi-Fi. And now Zune is said to be dying [1,2,3].

Also improved today:

Linux software supplier Concurrent introduces FlexRay support in SIMulation
Workbench product

,----[ Quote ]
| Concurrent, a US provider of Linux solutions, has added support for the 
| FlexRay communications standard to its SIMulation Workbench product. 
| Concurrent’s SIMulation Workbench is a complete software environment for 
| developing and executing real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and 
| man-in-the-loop (MIL) simulations. This new support provides automotive 
| engineers an environment to reduce test and integration time for new 
| automotive designs.      


[1] Zuneral this Saturday!

,----[ Quote ]
| We regret to report the sudden, unexpected death of Digital Rights
| Management. Details of the tragedy at present remain unclear, but he was
| rushed to the hospital following a direct collision with an oncoming future
| last week at 10 PM. He was seven years old.


[2] GameStop to Stop Zune Sales

,----[ Quote ]
| Video-game retailer GameStopGME has decided to stop selling Microsoft's Zune
| players at its stores due to what it sees as insufficient demand from
| customers.


[3] The beginning of the end for the Microsoft Zune

,----[ Quote ]
| Some may even say this goes to the root of Microsoft’s heritage. How they
| came to achieve the operating system dominance and success by bullying
| smaller businesses or buying them out and marketing their product as their
| own.
| The way things are going, one can not help wonder if Microsoft have just run
| out of ideas on expanding their business and decided to jump on the “me-too”
| bandwagon.

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