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[News] More New Laws Against Free Software Distribution Medium

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International copyright talks seek BitTorrent-killer laws

,----[ Quote ]
| ACTA might also seek to reanimate the corpse of DRM software by proposing 
| legal "remedies against circumvention of technological protection measures 
| used by copyright owners and the trafficking of circumvention devices".  


I guess it's true that the world's biggest criminals are wearing suits. This
isn't about 'protecting' them. It's about nuking everything (Creative Commons,
FOSS, free CDs) to elevate their revenue and 'protect' them... from


The Struggles of France's Three Strikes Law

,----[ Quote ]
| As 2008 began, the international music industry was proudly predicting the
| dawning of a new age of co-operation between rightsholders, Internet
| companies and governments. The dynamic new President of France, Nicolas
| Sarkozy, together with Denis Olivennes, the head of France's largest consumer
| electronics and media retailer, had announced a new policy of "graduated
| response" for the French Net. Users accused of repeated copyright
| infringement online would be first warned, then suspended from the online
| world, and finally banned for a year if they did not tow the line. Music
| industry representatives heralded it as a model that should be imitated
| across the globe: in IFPI's 2008 report, its CEO John Kennedy said this was
| the year that "ISP responsibility" for protecting the music industry "becomes
| a reality".
| Six months on from the original Olivennes report, with growing objections
| across Europe, collapsing support for Sarkozy's administration at home, and
| still no "three strikes" law on any statute books, the entertainment industry
| is getting a little antsy. Last week, the French RIAA, le Syndicat national
| de l'édition phonographique (SNEP), announced a deadline to Sarkozy's
| ministers.


Sarkozy’s broadband tax plan snagged by Eurocrats

,----[ Quote ]
| THE EU COMMISSION has warned that France’s quest for universal internet
| access would be hampered by a presidential proposal to tax broadband usage.  
| The plan is to supplement the licence fee for public broadcast television and
| radio which has a funding shortfall due to the decision to abolish
| advertising in order to 'raise standards'.  
| Speaking in Paris this week, EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding,
| condemned President Sarkozy’s proposal arguing it contradicted his own
| ambition to make broadband available to all French people.  


Sarkozy intervenes in France to revert the OOXML position

,----[ Quote ]
| Confidential sources say that President Sarkozy has intervened himself in the
| French position on Microsoft OOXML, asking members of the committee to revert
| their position, and support an abstention. Our sources say he was approached
| by a lobbyist during his 3-days trip in England. The intervention has been
| made on Friday.    


Europe rejects plan to criminalize file-sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| France's so-called Oliviennes strategy to combat copyright abuse includes
| a "three strikes and you are out" approach: offenders lose the right to an
| Internet account after being caught sharing copyright-protected music over
| the Internet for a third time.  


Sweden Rejects Sarkozy’s War on File Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to disconnect European file sharers
| from the Internet. The idea is already in the process of being realized in
| France, and will according to Sarkozy be a step toward “a civilized Internet”
| where ISPs watch the information that their customers exchange.  



,----[ Quote ]
| [Nicolas] Sarkozy and his family have been vacationing at
| a lakefront estate in Wolfeboro owned by former Microsoft Corp. executive
| Michael Appe.


Fran Nevrkla Identifies a Copyright Gap

,----[ Quote ]
| The support for Commissioner McCreevy came from the French President Nicolas
| Sarkozy. Soon after taking office, he set up a commission, led by the head of
| the major retail chain FNAC, to look into copyright and the creative
| industries. Alongside recommendations on ISP responsibility, the commission
| proposed extending copyright and this will be on the agenda when the French
| Government assumes the Presidency of the European Union in July this year.    


Is Sarko Uxorious?

,----[ Quote ]
| What this neglects to take into account is the fact that falling into the
| public domain is a gain for the public - and hence the actual moment when it
| becomes part of the "national pop heritage" - and that the gain vastly
| outweighs any minimal effect it has on ageing rockers' royalties.
| Unfortunately, with this action, as with others (including the "three strikes
| and you're out" approach to fighting filesharing), Sarkozy shows himself to
| be an old man - however young his new wife may be.      



Lessig: Required Reading: the next 10 years

,----[ Quote ]
| Yet governments continue to push ahead with this idiot idea -- both Britain
| and Japan for example are considering extending existing terms. Why?
| The answer is a kind of corruption of the political process. Or better,
| a "corruption" of the political process. I don't mean corruption in the
| simple sense of bribery. I mean "corruption" in the sense that the
| system is so queered by the influence of money that it can't even get
| an issue as simple and clear as term extension right.


RIAA, MPAA urge pro-copyright vows from presidential candidates

,----[ Quote ]
| One question, for instance, asks: "How would you promote the progress of
| science and creativity, as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, by upholding
| and strengthening copyright law and preventing its diminishment?"  


France set to experience a revolution in public broadcast television

,----[ Quote ]
| French president Nicolas Sarkozy wants to ban advertising on public
| television and replace the income stream with a tax on mobile phones and
| Internet accounts. "Our national television must provide quality and access
| to culture; it must not be shaped solely by commercial considerations," said
| Sarkozy in Paris on Tuesday.    

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