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[News] Free Software and Business in Harmony

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Business Logic vs. Free Software Idealism

,----[ Quote ]
| These days, business and free software co-exist with little friction.
| Although you still find some members of the free software community who 
| automatically view business with suspicion, for the most part the community 
| considers the multibillion dollar open source industry as a validation of its 
| beliefs. Business and free software are so closely intertwined that kernel 
| developers Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton are employed by the Linux 
| Foundation, a non-profit consortium of corporations. But in recent months, 
| this cooperation is showing signs of becoming strained.      


Sun takes this further:

Interview: Crawford Beveridge, executive vice president and chairman of Sun
Microsystems EMEA

,----[ Quote ]
| Crawford Beveridge, Sun Microsystems executive vice president and chairman 
| for EMEA, and Marc Heger, Gulf District manager, talk to itp.net about how 
| Sun is working to raise government awareness of open source software, green 
| IT and something else   
| [...]
| They pool their information into some policy making groups, one of which 
| is ‘Open', a corporate standards group, they worry about open standards, open 
| source, open media formats; there is one group who worries about helping 
| people who want to go to open document formats, understand interoperability 
| issues with things like Microsoft Office; I have a group that worry about 
| privacy and identity and how we affect government policies around those, and 
| one person who deals with our eco group, to make sure we are also affecting 
| government policy around the whole eco stuff.       



Open-Source Software: How the Stock Market Views It

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the past decade, companies have been experimenting with a radical
| concept: openness. Instead of keeping proprietary information close to the
| vest, they make it available to anyone who wants it, usually free of charge.
| [...]
| This means companies can't rely on vague long-term assurances. For instance,
| promising to make their software an industry standard by giving it away free
| isn't enough to convince investors. Companies must also lay out a plan for
| bringing in cash in the near term. Some companies offer different licenses of
| their open-source product to different groups -- so the software is free for
| consumers, but companies must pay a fee. Other companies make money off their
| software by selling complementary goods and services, such as training
| programs.


Open-source venture investing hits an all-time high

,----[ Quote ]
| Just when you thought venture interest in open source was quieting down,
| along comes the biggest quarter in open source's (still young) history:
| $203.75 million raised, as reported by The 451 Group. This trumped the
| previous record of $193.6 million from Q4 2006.

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