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[News] Linux Edutainment for Children, Debian Games Repositories

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Entertaining the Kids for Free - With Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| School will soon be out for the summer. There are a slew of Linux programs 
| for kids -- including Tux Paint, Celestia and Edubuntu -- that parents can 
| use to entertain the little ones.  


Debian Weekly News - May 26th, 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| After members of the Debian Games Team (and other maintainers of generic 
| large data packages) wondered about size limitations of the Debian archive 
| (and its infrastructure) regarding packages. Joerg Jaspert joined as 
| ftp-master the discussion and summarized the possibilities to solve the 
| issues. He's favouring to create a new archive for large packages (containing 
| architecture independent data) and if possible a change of the Debian Policy 
| allowing packages depending on such data only available in the new archive to 
| stay in main.       


Tons of games, just apt-get away!


What can teach your kids

,----[ Quote ]
| Since most of my kids' schoolwork is hands-on and interactive, they don't 
| spend a huge amount of time with our computers each day. Technology is a big 
| part of our lives, however, and by the time they get to be my age I imagine 
| it will be a big part of everyone's. Edubuntu strikes the right balance 
| between helping them learn the basics of core subjects they need to know and 
| teaching them ways open source software can help us achieve great things.     


Edubuntu Linux Installation With Screenshots

,----[ Quote ]
| Edubuntu is Ubuntu GNU/Linux customised for
| schools, containing additional applications
| for young human beings, administration tools
| for school management, and a built-in terminal
| server. Besides the standard software available
| on the Edubuntu CD, you will also find a world
| of software in the Edubuntu Universe, an on-line
| repository containing more than 10GB of community
| contributed software.


Edubuntu: Linux for education

,----[ Quote ]
| In Venezuela, for instance, "there are several movements that were
| originated by a new law, Presidential Decree No. 3390, where all
| public institutions must use open source software," says Efrain
| Valles, a Venezuelan educator, Ubuntu user, and open source
| advocate. However, Valles says that uptake in the education
| sector is slow. "Our schools are just beginning to use
| computers. There is no one computer per classroom thing;
| remember, we are a Third World country. Technology is an
| import and very expensive, so the reach to schools is
| happening mainly because of stuff like Edubuntu."


Lessons Plans for Teachers Using Free and Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| This site is dedicated to collecting and cataloging lesson plans 
| for classroom teachers interested in moving beyond mere document 
| production and really tapping in to the promise of technology 
| integration and education.

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