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Re: Microsoft Dirty Tricks Compendium

Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:

> Speaking of compendiums, someone sent me this one this morning, to be
> maintained as a static page. Lots packed in one single page.
> http://boycottnovell.com/microsoft-critique-resources/
> Hopefully she'll keep it updated.

Good one:

Good user comment on Slashdot, quoted in whole:

"No, you're wrong. Microsoft's "evil", insofar as I'm concerned, has to
do with the companies and technologies that never had a chance because
someone at Microsoft decided to steal it, buy it or just destroy it.
That someone was often William H. Gates. The Personal Computer
Revolution was largely stolen from us, because we all got forced to go
the Redmond way. There's no point in going over Microsoft's other evils,
such as the fact that it is a Grade-A government-certified illegally
acquired-and-maintained monopoly. Now, monopolies aren't necessarily
evil or illegal … but Microsoft's is, on both counts. And don't try to
excuse them as just being, you know, basically decent people who make
honest mistakes. Microsoft is a criminal organization that has
maintained a consistent pattern of unlawful activity throughout its
entire corporate existence. And so far as Apple and Google are
concerned, it sounds like you're excusing Microsoft's bad behavior
because well, you know, Apple and Google might be as bad, but we don't
know yet so let's give Microsoft a pass for now. Look nobody knows
whether we are alone in the Universe … but the question of whether that
company is good or evil has been answered. They were taken to court over
the issue of their monopoly status and lost. So yeah, Microsoft is evil,
and the pattern of general nastiness persists to this very day. Why do
you think the European Union is giving them such a hard time? Have you
been following the OOXML fiasco, with Microsoft attempting to buy their
way into a standard? No, I suggest you keep Googling Microsoft: it's
obvious you've not been around long enough to have experienced their
evil firsthand. I've been in the software business since before
Microsoft was a gleam in Bill Gates' eye, and I've seen the damage he
and his brainchild have caused. Bill can give all his money to charity
if he wants, but there's no Undo button for what he's done."



| 'When it comes to knowledge, "ownership" just doesn't make sense'
|     ~ Cory Doctorow, The Guardian.  http://tinyurl.com/22bgx8

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