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[News] Urinating on a Violin: Microsoft OOXML and Mono

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How to urinate on a violin

,----[ Quote ]
| In the end, this will have been a tremendous waste of time. I’m sure that 
| Microsoft will try to gain some advantage from OOXML, as broken as it is. 
| They could try to reproduce what they managed to do with .NET and CLR by 
| standardizing and opening only a subset of the .Net API , thus letting Novell 
| create a very limited .Net implementation, Mono. Regardless of what the 
| future options could be, the OOXML standardization will prove to be the 
| single most destructive episode of the standardization history. No other 
| standard will have been paid so dearly to achieve so few, while in the real 
| world, the unspecified file format called OOXML and used by Microsoft Office 
| 2007 will continue to lock in generations of users; Sharepoint will not stop 
| using OOXML, as Matt Asay points out. All this, to put it to rest, begs one 
| and final comment, led to nothing more than what we had start off with: a 
| real open standard (ODF), a proprietary format, and the vague premise of an 
| ISO standard. Urinating on a violin would not have taken us any further.              


Operation OOXML, Part 7 x 10512: The Appeals Arrive

,----[ Quote ]
| As ever, the white knights at Groklaw have a breakdown of the appeal, and 
| will be keeping up to date with any other appeals that materialize. The 
| deadline for countries to file — listen up standards bodies — is Thursday the 
| 29th.   


Call your national standards body now and ask them to join the appeal.


Microsoft OOXML: Dead Format Walking

,----[ Quote ]
| Since most Office users would be happy to continue using Microsoft's old
| binary formats, and since those for whom open standards are important would
| probably prefer ODF or PDF formats anyhow, I won't be surprised if OOXML
| quietly dies before that future Office iteration ever sees the light of day.


Should We Fear the (Redmond) Geeks Bearing Gifts?

,----[ Quote ]
| As well as this unexpected backing, proponents of ODF should also find their
| hand strengthened once OpenOffice.org 3.0 appears. By all accounts it's a
| good step up from version 2.0, and that was markedly better than 1.0.
| All-in-all, then, things are looking up for open source office suites in
| enterprises: now might be a good time to go on the offensive.


Microsoft's ODF Policy Gets Skeptical Reception From EU

,----[ Quote ]
| Little sooner had Microsoft announced upcoming Office support for the Open
| Document Format than the European Commission countered that it will
| investigate to make sure such a measure actually ensures greater consumer
| choice. Microsoft's Office 2007 will support ODF once the suite's Service
| Pack 2 comes along. It's expected in the first half of 2009.


Microsoft's embrace of ODF cautiously welcomed

,----[ Quote ]
| A looming concern is if Microsoft's implementation of ODF within Office will
| handle documents with the same or better performance as competing suites.
| Microsoft has been criticized for embracing a particular standard but using
| subtle means within its software to subvert it.


All eyes on how Microsoft pulls off ODF support

,----[ Quote ]
| European Commission, weary of dealing with Microsoft, will put the software
| giant under the microscope


EU to investigate Microsoft file format support.

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's move, also announced Wednesday, is seen as a concession to
| regulators concerned about competition and to customers, mainly governments,
| worried about product lock-in.

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