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Re: Microsoft.com running Linux?? - Heh heh heh heh heh

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____/ Cork Soaker on Tuesday 27 May 2008 12:44 : \____

> ~flyer~@there.net~ wrote:
>> Microsoft has just got to be the biggest joke ever to be scraped off of
>> anything anywhere ever.
>> True or not, only the Redmond Idiot Bin would allow something like this
>> to creep up out of the sludge where it self replicates in huge cancer-
>> like masses daily to spew out utter garbage like vista and other
>> sprawling viruses.
>> From Roy's Post:
>> Talking of Netcraft, it has a rather interesting search that lets you
>> find out what OS any site is running and it lists download.microsoft.com
>> and search.microsoft.com as running Linux. Strange, if true.
>> http://www.expresscomputeronline.com/20080211/edit01.shtml
>> ** Posted from http://www.teranews.com **
> Well the MVPs prefer Linux, the ones I've spoken to anyway, and a lot of
> their blogs talk about interoperation with Linux (or in some cases, just
> use Linux for x because it's easier...)
> AFAIK there is no M$ equivalent for Leafnode, for example.

I can think of some MVPs that have Linux envy, or awe at the least. They would
harp about the fake 'deal' of Microsoft and Novell.

The two platform are intrinsically different because of the jobs they were
built (in terms of architecture) to do. Windows, for example, was not built
for networking and multiple users. That was just glued on top (later on),
along with 'security'.

I'm not entirely sure what Microsoft will do after Vista. They seem to be
getting into the whole 'licensing' biz after failing to make money with
hardware (e.g. Zune, XBox, Surface). The chip-making dreams never materialised
and the same goes for Web services and advertisement.

It's not just about software anymore. Sooner or later Microsoft will have to
adopt someone else's (they intended to do this with Yahoo!, they may be doing
this with Hotmail and they certainly do this with FAST). Microsoft also sells
SUSE now, for profit.

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