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[News] Open Source Entrepreneurship Forum, Health Commons Adopting Open Source Ideas

  • Subject: [News] Open Source Entrepreneurship Forum, Health Commons Adopting Open Source Ideas
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 04:45:40 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Open source explained

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Source Entrepreneurship Forum in Hyderabad last Saturday was a 
| unique event that targeted people who ran or planned to start companies in 
| the open source software (OSS) space. Organized by the Twincling Society for  
| Open Source, the annual event aims to provide entrepreneurs insights into the 
| open source model and help with the right selection of licensing, marketing 
| and resources while building a company.    


“An Introduction to Health Commons” by John Wilbanks

,----[ Quote ]
| What is Health Commons?
| Health Commons is a coalition of parties interested in changing the way basic 
| science is translated into the understanding and improvement of human health.  
| Coalition members agree to share data, knowledge, and services under 
| standardized terms and conditions by committing to a set of common 
| technologies, digital information standards, research materials, contracts, 
| workflows, and software. These commitments ensure that knowledge, data, 
| materials and tools can move seamlessly from partner to partner across the 
| entire drug discovery chain. They enable participants to offer standardized 
| services, ranging from simple molecular assays to complex drug synthesis 
| solutions, that others can discover in directories and integrate into their 
| own processes to expedite development — or assemble like LEGO blocks to 
| create new services.          
| The Health Commons is too complex for any one organization or company to 
| create. It requires a coalition of partners across the spectrum. It is also 
| too complex for public, private, or non-profit organizations alone - 
| reinventing therapy development for the networked world requires, from the 
| beginning, a commitment to public-private partnership. Only through a 
| public-private partnership can the key infrastructure of the Commons be 
| created: the investments in the public domain of information and materials 
| will only be realized if that public domain is served by a private set of 
| systems integrators and materials, tools and service providers motivated by 
| profit. And in turn, the long-term success of the private sector depends on a 
| growing, robust, and self-replenishing public domain of data, research tools, 
| and open source software.           



Multinational Collaboration Promotes Use of Open-Source Software in Health IT

,----[ Quote ]
| In an iHealthBeat Special Report, experts on open-source software discussed 
| the next steps for Open Health Tools, an initiative designed to encourage the 
| use of the software and promote interoperability in health care.  


NHS launches open source development

,----[ Quote ]
| The NHS is a major Microsoft customer, and last year signed a large deal to 
| upgrade to Windows Vista. But, it always maintained it would continually 
| evaluate open source.  



A call for open source values in health care

,----[ Quote ]
| The Committee for Economic Development, a 65-year old advocacy group which 
| claims to represent “the best in business thinking,” has issued a clarion 
| call for open source values in medicine.  


Red Hat enters healthcare sector

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat Software Services, provider of Linux and open source technologies, is 
| foraying into the Indian healthcare sector. 
| Red Hat's Global Support Services vice-president Lain Gray said the company 
| plans to facilitate the sharing of patients' data and history within various 
| hospitals to promote better healthcare services.    

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