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[News] Comparison and Reviews of Lightweight GNU/Linux Distributions

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Review: Lightweight Linux distributions

,----[ Quote ]
| Conclusion
| First of all it has to be clear that there's a difference 
| between “lightweight” and “lightweight”. Especially Damn Small Linux is very 
| lightweight, but also it's not really usable on “more recent” systems. It 
| think DSL is perfect for 486 or Pentium1-based systems but nothing more.   
| At the other side there are Zenwalk and Xubuntu which are pretty most heavy 
| lightweight distributions. I think the use of Xfce has something to do with 
| that. All the others are floating between those two extremes.  
| If I have to rank the different distributions according to speed, 
| user-friendliness, 
| hardware detection, default theme, how I feel about it,.... I come to this 
| conclusion: 
|    1. TinyMe
|    2. ZenWalk
|    3. Puppy
|    4. XUbuntu
|    5. Arch
|    6. DSL


Linux up that Laptop!

,----[ Quote ]
| I discovered in the various Puppy Linux options that you can very easily 
| remaster (create your own) Puppy linux. What the heck? So I ran the program 
| followed the instructions and now have a version that has the wallpapers I 
| want and the documents I want already running from the livecd/installation 
| cd. So, if I want to install this to another computer that I put together, I 
| can now start with my own files already on the disk ready to install. Oh, 
| also, I was playing with this newly created installation cd of mine on my 
| main computer, the one that is running on a wireless cantenna and an internal 
| pci card from within the enclosed garage. Would it find my wireless? I just 
| right clicked to bring up the menu, ran the "Xautoconnect to wireless 
| network." Sure enough, out of the box!, Puppy linux found my wireless device.  
| So then I ran "Pwireless wireless scanner." It found my Network, just like 
| that. That never happens with Linux, or Windows for that matter! Awesome!           


TinyMe 2008 | Small but Robust

,----[ Quote ]
| Tinyme is simply amazing and radically simple.



Why I can't get a new laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| It's all Linux's fault.
| [...]
| So, because of Linux, I don't need a new laptop and I'm not letting myself 
| get one. I didn't install Ubuntu for that reason; I did it because I was 
| switching over to Linux completely, on principle, rather than buy into Vista 
| in all its unscrupulous, bug-ridden glory. Saving money on upgrades is an 
| unexpected side effect. And I have to say it's not altogether welcome. It's 
| good for me to be more frugal, but damn, it's frustrating to keep my wallet 
| in my pocket when these shiny new toys are so tempting.      


Old laptop and Mepis 7.0: very nice indeed :)

,----[ Quote ]
| This is my note for Mepis 7.0 installed on my old-linux-friendly laptop :)
| (it's Toshiba Tecra 8200 PIII, more here).



Life after cyber-death

,----[ Quote ]
| But thanks to improvements in desktop versions of Linux, we can now do 
| something better. 
| Apart from being able to run easily on clunky old machines, the great thing 
| about Linux is the way thousands of the world’s most professional programmers 
| have volunteered their spare time to improving the breed—with nothing to gain 
| save personal satisfaction and the respect of their peers. Thanks to their 
| efforts, there’s recently been a flood of slick desktop versions of the 
| rugged open-source operating system.     


Supporting The Latest and Greatest; Supporting the Oldest and Slowest

,----[ Quote ]
| Kudos to the developers at Vector Linux for scaling down as well as scaling 
| up. There’s nothing more friendly to the environment or the budget than 
| keeping an old system going rather than building or buying a new one. So long 
| as a computer can do what you need it to do it’s not obsolete. I’ll be 
| following up my AliXe review with reviews of other lightweight and small 
| footprint Linux distributions, including Vector Linux Light when it’s 
| released.      

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