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[News] Holland Develops Free Software for Move to ODF, Free Software

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NL: Administrative Court publishes automatic document conversion tool

,----[ Quote ]
| The Dutch Council of State is willing to open source its application that can 
| centrally convert documents between open formats and proprietary formats, 
| said Marcel Pennock, the tool's developer, Wednesday at a conference on Open 
| Document Format (ODF) in Utrecht.   
| [...]
| The tools converts Microsoft documents to Open Document Format and the other 
| way around. Documents can also be saved as Portable Document Format (pdf). 
| The council's IT department is also considering a document management system 
| that will be using the conversion tool. "We have not decided if that document 
| system will be built as Open Source or not. For the past fifteen years we 
| have been working with proprietary documents. Changing that is not done 
| instantly."      



NL: Use of Open Source software requires no European IT tenders

,----[ Quote ]
| European public administrations that want to use software that is offered for 
| free, such as Open Source software, do not need to organise a call for 
| tender.  
| [...]
| According to Wijnen-Meijer the translation is well-received. "At a recent 
| Open Source conference in the US, copies were picked up quickly by companies. 
| We also have had requests from cities and ministries in Germany and Greece."  


Interview with NOiV's Maarten Wijnen-Meijer on Study on Gov't Acquisition of OS
Software - Pick Your Brains

,----[ Quote ]
| A Dutch study has recently been translated and published in English, "The 
| acquisition of (open-source) software", by Nederland Open in Verbinding 
| (NOiV), which finds that in Europe, gratis software does not require 
| tendering and so gratis Open Source software can be freely downloaded without 
| having to go through the usual purchase process. If service is required, that 
| service would, however, require going through the normal purchasing process,  
| but as a separate matter.      



Dutch "government ISV" adds ODF support

,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently the adoption of ODF by the City of Heerenveen and the City of 
| Groningen had some impact on the decision.  


FOSS in Dutch government

,----[ Quote ]
| There will be an office where people can complain if they cannot communicate 
| with the government using open standards. So non-compliance of government 
| agencies will be measured.  


Dutch government threatens to sideline Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Proposed legislation that would mandate the use of the Open Document Format 
| (ODF) across the entire Dutch government has infuriated Microsoft. 
| [...]
| Microsoft Netherlands has engaged in fierce lobbying in an attempt to derail 
| the plan. The company argues that the current definition is too narrow, 
| specifically by mandating ODF rather than open standards in general  


Netherlands Picks ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| Frank Heemskerk, Minister of Economic Affairs, announced today that ODF will 
| be the standard for reading, publishing and the exchange of information for 
| all governmental organisations. The deadline is January 2009.  

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