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[News] Windows-(Hardly)Capable PC Customised to Look Good with GNU/Linux

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Making that old PC useful

,----[ Quite ]
| So then, why do it? Why jump through so many hoops to make a Linux desktop 
| look like some other operating system, instead of just installing XP or 
| Vista, or even a different, easier Linux distribution? Well, I mentioned the 
| answer at the beginning of this article: speed. While looking like Vista (and 
| I do believe it’s close enough to fool the normal pc user), it behaves 
| nothing like it. Vista wouldn’t even install on this machine. XP would be 
| slow. Easy Linux distributions had been installed on this machine and were 
| underperforming too       



FusionCast Episode IV -- Cylinder Cube, etc



Linux Desktop System Test "Stack"

,----[ Quote ]
| Quite literally a stack. Of identical computer systems. Weekend hardware 
| retirements net four of a kind systems for new testing of Enterprise Linux 
| Desktop  
| There are some advantages to being in my job. Not only do I get to see all 
| the cool new hardware, "play" with the systems of my youth (VAX 7000 
| anyone?), and see the same diversity of software as hardware, but I get to 
| sort through the hardware discard pile. The discard pile has been pretty tall 
| lately too, what with all the machines we are able to retire because of new 
| technology like X86 virtualization. Sometimes a computer gem or two appears 
| in that pile that gets hauled back to my office and then late one night after 
| everyone has gone home, gets Linux installed on it.       


Maker Movement Gaining Recognition

,----[ Quote ]
| In the next pavilion was the ACCRC's biodiesel powered Linux supercomputer 
| built out of recycled PCs. The faire included everything from traditional 
| crafts being remade with technology to robotics.  


Life after cyber-death

,----[ Quote ]
| But thanks to improvements in desktop versions of Linux, we can now do 
| something better. 
| Apart from being able to run easily on clunky old machines, the great thing 
| about Linux is the way thousands of the world’s most professional programmers 
| have volunteered their spare time to improving the breed—with nothing to gain 
| save personal satisfaction and the respect of their peers. Thanks to their 
| efforts, there’s recently been a flood of slick desktop versions of the 
| rugged open-source operating system.     


How to keep your old PC alive

,----[ Gist ]
| Firewall – Proxy server
| Development server
| Storage Server
| Media Station
| P2P Download Machine
| Small Workstation
| Thin Client
| Cluster


Stop! Don't trash those old PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| Interestingly enough, there is another operating system that most people are 
| not familiar with called Linux. Linux (and its earlier version UNIX) have 
| been around for a long time helping us place phones calls and providing 
| access to the Internet. Linux, up until this point, has been mostly behind 
| the scenes just doing its job and doing it well. You can get started with 
| Linux at www.linux.org. Â  Â  

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