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[News] DistroWatch Review Concludes That 'Open'Solaris is GNU/Linux-Shy

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A look at OpenSolaris 2008.05 (by John Frey)

,----[ Quote ]
| Editor's note. While OpenSolaris is a highly interesting project, it still 
| belongs to the developers' domain, even after the first stable release. Why? 
| Firstly, the minimum requirement of 512 MB of RAM (and that's "untested", 
| according to the project's web site) seems unreasonably high. I booted the 
| OpenSolaris CD on my old test machine which has 384 MB of RAM - just to find 
| it completely unusable (the GNOME screenshot utility took 20 minutes(!) to 
| launch). Interestingly, it wasn't the case with the two developer previews 
| that the project released prior to stable 2008.05, both of which ran fine on 
| the same box. It goes without saying that all Linux distributions and BSD 
| operating systems (including live CDs) run satisfactorily on this system. 
| Secondly, OpenSolaris 2008.05 ships with no text-mode installer, a feature 
| that every serious Linux distribution has had for years. Yes, OpenSolaris 
| 2008.05 might be targeted at the desktop, but with a large combination of  
| hardware available today, it's ludicrous to assume that a graphical installer 
| will work in all possible scenarios.             



What’s wrong at OpenSolaris

,----[ Quote ]
| Notice that? No SPARC support: on an OS product backed by Sun.
| And beyond that, what does the curious but uncommitted user see here? an
| illogical “extra” in the first paragraph and a sloppy mistake in the second -
| the package repository isn’t on the OpenOffice site, they’re trying to cite
| an example of what’s available.
| Why did this happen? I think it happened for the same reason that companies
| like Red Hat, IBM, and Microsoft have been having a wonderful time spreading
| FUD about the CDDL and the inevitability of some future switch to GPL3: Ian
| Murdock.


OpenSolaris 2008.05, and other places the sun don't shine

,----[ Quote ]
| For the desktop Linux user who is simply curious about UNIX derivatives, we'd
| have to advise taking a pass on this release, anyway. We'd probably tell you
| to check out OpenBSD, or FreeBSD, for a shot at a more successful change of
| pace.


Does OpenSolaris Matter?

,----[ Quote
| I'm not sure.
| Sun first announced OpenSolaris in 2005 but they keep finding ways to
| announce 'first releases'. Yesterday was one such release.

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