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[News] Gaming, Eye Candy and GNU/Linux No Oxymoron

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No Windows? Use Linux, Intel Macs for PC Gaming with CrossOver

,----[ Quote ]
| Sure, Mac gaming is becoming less of an oxymoron these days, but if you want 
| to game with a keyboard, Windows is still the way to go. Fortunately, 
| Codeweavers' has concocted a solution for those who want the PC gaming 
| experience on Mac (and Linux!) without using Boot Camp or partitioning 
| drives. Introducing CrossOver Games.    


Ubuntu - On The Shoulders of Giants

,----[ Quote ]
| The age of the “Uber Geek” is over, and yet it is many of those Geeks that 
| have been working hard on the things “under the bonnet” in Ubuntu. So 
| suddenly I can install applications at the click of a mouse … no compiling or 
| fiddling around. Those video card effects on windows that I’ve been trying to 
| get to work for years on Linux are suddenly there by default. I just had to 
| update the Nvidia driver and enable because it’s a proprietary driver (not 
| open source).      



FusionCast Episode IV -- Cylinder Cube, etc



Linux and Video Game Trends

,----[ Quote ]
| Recent developments in Linux video games shows a stunning improvement in 
| support, not only by a better library of games for the operating system, but 
| also for games not intended for Linux. Linux may finally gain some publicity 
| if the developers continue to improve not just the video games, but also for 
| the applications needed by the games.    


Does WINE + Linux support more Windows apps than Vista?

,----[ Quote ]
| WINE supports most of the applications which are made for Windows
| 2.0 up to Windows XP. WINE has the ability to run different versions
| of IE, run most of Adobe's products, run World of Warcraft, Half Life
| 2, Microsoft Office 2003, XP, 2000 and 97, Visio, Quicken,

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