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[News] A Visual Tour of Plasma-fied Amarok 2, Firefox 3

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Amarok 2: Visual Changelog

,----[ Quote ]
| Amarok multimedia player is one of the best programs of its kind not only for 
| Linux but for any operating system nowadays. It has been created as a KDE 
| component. Most people hoped to have Amarok 2.0 included in KDE 4.0, which 
| hasn’t happened. It’s hard to predict if it finds its way into KDE 4.1 
| stable, but it’s still worth taking a look at the current progress of this 
| great multimedia player     


5 Things You'll Love about Firefox 3

,----[ Quote ]
| As it turns out, I'm still using a prerelease version of Firefox (they're at 
| Release Candidate 1 now) and loving it, even without my beloved add-ons. The 
| improvements Mozilla has made to the browser, while subtle, are so helpful 
| that I didn't want to give them up. Here are five of my favorites.   



Movies about KDE 4.1 Alpha

,----[ Quote ]
| Jos Poortvliet present some movies, which show some new features in KDE 4.1,
| especially in Plasma, Kwin, Dolphin, Gweniview and some other applications.
| This movies show imposingly the proceedings of KDE 4.1


KDE 4 rev 790000: Better stability and performance

,----[ Quote ]
| This is another revision of the development version of KDE 4 environment.
| Lots of you have asked why it took me so long to publish this article. Well,
| I was just waiting for rev 790000, that’s all. I hope that your curiosity
| will be satisfied since there’s been a lot of changes to describe this time.
| I did my best.

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