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[News] Interview with Leader of the Fedora Project

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Exclusive Fedora Interview - With project leader, Paul W. Frields

,----[ Quote ]
| This year on May 13th, Fedora 9 was released into the wild. Dubbed Sulphur, 
| it introduced for the first time in the history of Fedora, support for 
| encrypted filesystem (implemented in the graphical installer), PackageKit as 
| the default graphical package manager, ext4 filesystem support and 
| PreUpgrade, a tool that offers you the possibility to upgrade an existing 
| Fedora 7 or 8 distribution. Being classified as a "bleeding edge" distro, and 
| that's ONLY because the developers wanted to inject the brand new edition of 
| the Xserver software (version 1.5), which is not compatible yet with the 
| major proprietary video drivers, Fedora 9 brings you Linux kernel, 
| KDE 4.0.3, GNOME 2.22.1, NetworkManager 0.7 with improved support for mobile 
| broadband, multiple devices and wireless networking, Cheese (the popular 
| webcam capture tool), Firefox 3 Beta 5 and a lot more other new applications!            


Last week:

Open Source Curriculum Expanded at Seneca

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source
| solutions, today announced that Seneca College will expand the use of open
| source software in its curriculum through the Fedora Project, a Red Hat
| sponsored and community-supported open source collaboration.


A New Goal for Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| With the commitment of the AllemaniACs and others from the Fedora community
| the Fedora Robotics SIG was recently founded. It aims to make Fedora fit to
| run on a variety of robots that run (possibly constrained) compatible
| machines and to use Fedora as a development platform for robots. As always in
| Fedora, this is a community effort and all help is greatly appreciated and
| welcomed.



Fedora on the Final Frontier

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been a long standing rumor regarding NASA running Fedora which all 
| of us in the Fedora community have been always intrigued by. Is it true? What 
| are they doing with it there? Why don't they run RHEL. Fortunately enough, a 
| couple of weeks ago, I got to experience NASA behind the scenes, first hand, 
| and hang out with the coolest members of the Fedora community, and find out 
| the answer to these questions and lots more.     


23,000 Linux PCs forge education revolution in Philippines

,----[ Quote ]
| Providing high school students with PCs is seen as a first step to preparing 
| them for a technology-literate future, but in the Philippines many schools 
| cannot afford to provide computing facilities so after a successful 
| deployment of 13,000 Fedora Linux systems from a government grant, plans are 
| underway to roll out another 10,000 based on Ubuntu.    

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