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[News] Ubuntu Linux at MIT Media Lab

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Exploration Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| So, tommorrow, May 24, 2008 the Ubuntu Massachusetts team will be holding our 
| first quarterly Exploration Ubuntu at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge from 
| 10am to 5pm. If you’re new to Ubuntu, come check it out! Already an Ubuntu 
| guru? Come help out, hang out, and present something neat to new users!   


Be sure to read the new story below. See what Microsoft does to Linux awareness
in academia. Disgusting.


Then, they fight you

,----[ Quote ]
| That was two days ago but yesterday we were notified that the Microsoft
| representative in charge with the education strategy had requested the
| organizers to pull the Ubuntu presentation because it is 'unfair competition'
| to hold such a presentation at an event sponsored by them. They are indeed
| co-sponsors but the conference is organized by the Ministry of Education and
| its local office, and is being held on the premises of a public University.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology Offering Android Development Classes

,----[ Quote ]
| It appears that the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will be 
| offering a class this term that revolves around cell phone software 
| development. Google Android based phones, in particular.  


Google Summer of Code 2008 Takes 1,125 Developers

,----[ Quote
| or Google Summer of Code (SoC) 2008, Google is paying for 1,125 student
| developers, which is an increase from the 900 students the program took in
| 2007. Those students will work with 175 Free and Open Source Projects as
| mentors to  help improve and expand their development.  


MIT researchers fight gridlock with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers are testing a 
| Linux-based automotive telematics system intended to reduce traffic 
| congestion.   


Following Removal of DRM, MIT Resubscribes to SAE Database

,----[ Quote ]
| IT faculty, students, and staff have access to the Society of Automotive 
| Engineer’s technical papers over the web again, because the SAE listened to 
| MIT and other universities when they spoke out against the imposition of 
| Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology.   
| Last spring, the MIT Libraries cancelled their web access to the (SAE) 
| technical papers, because the society was imposing a DRM plug-in called 
| FileOpen that seriously impeded normal scholarly use.   



Software Assurance Storm Warning

,----[ Quote ]
| In a report to be published today, Forrester Research sees a series of 
| customer hurricanes coming Microsoft's way. If they strike, they could wash 
| away many Software Assurance contracts. Software Assurance is the discounted 
| upgrade option available with Open, Open Value and Select volume licensing 
| contracts.    


HP, MIT bolster DSpace open-source archives

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source advocates claim that the Microsoft-championed format is not as 
| open as it should be and doesn't compare well to rival formats such as the 
| community-developed OpenDocument Format (ODF).  
| "If it were, Microsoft wouldn't need to make Novell and Xandros and Linspire 
| sign NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) and then write translators for them," 
| Pamela Jones, an open-source expert and editor of the Groklaw blog, wrote 
| recently.   
| But the National Archives said that it is not wedded to any particular data 
| format and that all technology options are being considered at this time.  


MIT Rejects SAE's DRM Policy, Prompts Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Following opposition by MIT, the Society of Automotive Engineers
| halted implementation of digital rights management controls aimed
| at restricting access to SAE documents.


OpenCourseWare: Open Source at MIT

,----[ Quote ]
| The Chinese translations come from Chinese Open Resources for
| Education (CORE), a consortium of China's top universities that
| has translated 110 MIT courses into Simplified Chinese, and
| Opensource OpenCourseWare Prototype System (OOPS), a volunteer
| organization that has translated 25 courses into Traditional Chinese.
| OCW materials have been translated into other languages as well,
| including French, German, Thai, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Users
| can create their own translations provided they meet the permissions
| criteria of the Creative Commons license.


MiT Say no thanks to Windows Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Tech staffers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are
| warning professors and administrators at the school -- host to 
| one of the country's most prestigious computer science
| departments -- not to upgrade desktops or laptops to Microsoft's
| new Windows Vista operating system...


MIT Faculty and Libraries Refuse DRM; SAE Digital Library Canceled

,----[ Quote ]
| SAE's DRM technology severely limits use of SAE papers and
| imposes unnecessary burdens on readers. With this technology,
| users must download a DRM plugin, Adobe?s "FileOpen," in order
| to read SAE papers. This plugin limits use to on-screen viewing
| and making a single printed copy, and does not work on Linux 
| or Unix platforms.

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