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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's CEO Lies (Rewriting History Again)

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Ballmer is trying to rewrite Microhoo history

,----[ Quote ]
| During a speech Ballmer made Friday at a tech conference in Moscow, Reuters 
| reported him as saying, "Yahoo was never the strategy we were pursuing, it 
| was a way to accelerate our online advertising business...We will spend money 
| on some acquisitions. You can do a whole lot of things with 50 billion 
| dollars."    


"I have mentioned before the "stacked panel". Panel discussions naturally favor
alliances of relatively weak partners - our usual opposition. For example,
an "unbiased" panel on OLE vs. OpenDoc would contain representatives of the
backers of OLE (Microsoft) and the backers of OpenDoc (Apple, IBM, Novell,
WordPerfect, OMG, etc.). Thus we find ourselves outnumbered in almost
every "naturally occurring" panel debate.

A stacked panel, on the other hand, is like a stacked deck: it is packed with
people who, on the face of things, should be neutral, but who are in fact
strong supporters of our technology. The key to stacking a panel is being able
to choose the moderator. Most conference organizers allow the moderator to
select the panel, so if you can pick the moderator, you win. Since you can't
expect representatives of our competitors to speak on your behalf, you have to
get the moderator to agree to having only "independent ISVs" on the panel. No
one from Microsoft or any other formal backer of the competing technologies
would be allowed – just ISVs who have to use this stuff in the "real world."
Sounds marvelously independent doesn't it? In fact, it allows us to stack the
panel with ISVs that back our cause. Thus, the "independent" panel ends up
telling the audience that our technology beats the others hands down. Get the
press to cover this panel, and you've got a major win on your hands."

                                                -- Source: Microsoft



Open Parliament

,----[ Quote ]
| In private a government delegate compared
| Microsoft's public affairs methods with the scientology cult.



Microsoft Hard-Balling EU Over Vista  

,----[ Quote ]
| "This is part of the negotiating strategy," a person familiar with the
| situation told internetnews.com. "They're in a public relations battle."
| Microsoft made the same threat to South Korean regulators, but did not
| follow through when they lost that battle. 

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