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Re: GNU/Linux Service Sites International?

____/ ml2mst on Saturday 24 May 2008 04:31 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ____/ ml2mst on Friday 23 May 2008 12:15 : \____
>>> I am just wondering if there are something like "Ubuntu Service Sites"
>>> in your country.
>> There are quite a few. The one in Finland recently won an award from the
>> government.
> Thanks, I didn't know that. Interesting ;-)
>> It's a venturous cult. :-)

The articles were in Finnish, but I think some days ago Google launched
translation for that language. English intro to it here:

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 90

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu Finland receives award from Finland's Minister of Communications
| Ubuntu Finland[1] was awarded Finnish Linux User Group's 2008 award at the HP
| Linux Forum[2], in Helsinki, on 8th of May. The award was received by the
| team contact of Ubuntu Finland, Timo Jyrinki, and was given by the Finland's
| Minister of Communications, Suvi Lindén[3]. The award also included 2000€ in
| cash for Ubuntu Finland's usage.


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