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[News] Almost-Abandoned Operating Systems Should Go Open Source

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Smell the Roses Already: 4 OSs that Should Be Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| More often than not, the question arises on OSNews why certain projects or 
| pieces of abandonware aren't released as open source software. Supposedly, 
| this would speed up development, facilitate the growth of a community, all 
| that jazz associated with open source development.    



Best of 2007 awards results

,----[ Quote ]
| Best show of initiative
| Winner: The joint Castle-RISC OS Open shared source project. In 2007, the 
| RISC OS 5 shared source licence was unveiled, source code and binaries were 
| released for download, and third-party developers started feeding much needed 
| updates back into the operating system.   


ROLF is a user space layer above the Linux Kernel, providing a superset of the
RISC OS look and feel on Linux.

,----[ Quote ]
| A first attempt at a Live CD has been uploaded here (169MB download, a 
| bzipped iso), the space has been kindly donated by Ned Abell. 


RISC OS-on-Linux project prepares live CD

,----[ Quote ]
| An ambitious initiative to eventually run RISC OS desktop software on 
| Linux-powered PCs took a step closer to reality this month. 


RISC OS News: Wakefield 2007 show report

,----[ Quote ]
| Chatting to Jack, it seemed apparent that he is perhaps a little
| envious of the lively community-based websites in the Linux, BSD, BeOS
| and Apple Mac platforms. Websites such as Fresh Meat, kernel.org and
| haiku-os.org allow fellow developers to download source code, collaborate
| on projects, discuss bugs and features, and generally form a feeling
| of cohesion within a platform. It also encourages outside coders
| and organisations to join in because they'll be more willing to try
| out an operating system that has an active, intelligent and positive
| community surrounding it - it's easier to find answers, get problems 
| solved, and so on, with the backing of other online users.


Castle reveal shared source licence

,----[ Quote ]
| Source code to be released tomorrow


Castle and ROS Open reveal plans for 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| He said: "We looked at using the GPL in great deal, and we had to
| select and modify it a lot to suit us and the situation we are in.
| We do need to protect our intellectual property, and have a degree
| of control over it. Our approach is to make the license flexible,
| and the controls in place can be relaxed if we feel this is
| necessary in future."
| He also acknowledged that RISC OS 5 could somewhat fork into
| different favours, like GNU/Linux more or less quickly did,
| but said said he hoped "we can move it as one lump forward,
| and not have bits and pieces spread out everywhere."


RISC OS Open licence in hands of lawyers

,----[ Quote ]
| "The open source licence (still with the lawyers after many months of
| careful drafting, but soon to be made available) under which RISC OS
| is made available either free or for pence per unit is not like the
| GPL one. Rather, as third parties improve RISC OS, they are obliged
| by the licence to publish details of those improvements and they
| then become part of RISC OS..."


Could open source RISC OS bring back users?

,----[ Quote ]
| "If this were to happen, it would open up the possibility of
| either community-based or commercial groups moving the OS to other
| hardware platforms. ARM powered motherboards, PDAs, set top boxes
| and even phones are ubiquitous and many of these could, in theory,
| serve as a platform for running RISC OS..."


RISC OS 5.12 released with price tag

,----[ Quote ]
| A fortnight after announcing plans to share the RISC OS 5 source
| code, developers Castle have slapped a 69 quid price tag on their
| latest OS upgrade. The news has lead to some confusion over the
| future direction of the operating system, and fuelled concern
| that crucial components of RISC OS 5 will remain closed source
| as chargeable updates.


RISC OS 5 source code release revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| Castle and RISC OS Open Ltd have revealed their ambitious plan to release
| the source code of various RISC OS 5 components. Under a so-called
| 'shared source initiative', a phased release of RISC OS is promised to
| take place over the next few months - starting with applications
| including Paint, Edit, Draw, Configure, Unicode, the web browser Browse,
| and the printer manager. The Shared C Library and RISC OS build scripts
| will also be released, according to CTL and ROS Open.


RISC OS Open: One year on

,----[ Quote ]
| Opening up the RISC OS blue prints was a courageous initiative. From Castle's 
| point of view, it was loosening the grip on a precious commodity, its 
| intellectual property. Furthermore, it was a public admission that they were 
| too small a company working too small a market and with too few resources to 
| develop RISC OS further by themselves.    


Syllable Server Video Demonstration

,----[ Quote ]
| Turning our attention to the future, there's a demonstration video of 
| Syllable Server, the server companion to Syllable Desktop that is under 
| development and is being built on the Linux kernel [torrent, 91 MB AVI 
| video].   


New Syllable Build System for Linux

,----[ Quote ] 
| The Syllable project has released a new package of Builder, the system that 
| builds Syllable, its native applications, and ported applications. Builder 
| can also be installed on Linux.  


Five Questions: Kristian 'Vanders' van der Vliet, Syllable

,----[ Quote ]
| Getting hardware support to a point that is even as good as Linux will take 
| time.  
| [...]
|  Kaj has been planning 
| it for a long time and it's exciting that it's really happening now. We 
| have already been noticing that it opens doors for us. On the other hand, 
| it's just a side project to help Syllable Desktop out. Using the Linux 
| kernel for Syllable Server gives us several things: stability, REBOL/Core, 
| and ReiserFS 3. 

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