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[News] Zenwalk (Linux) Continues To Impress With 5.2 Beta

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Zenwalk Continues To Impress With 5.2 Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| While our friends at DistroWatch only rate Zenwalk as the 19th most popular 
| Linux distribution, we have been very impressed by their recent releases and 
| have felt that it is a distribution worth trying as it is an unsung hero. 
| With the Zenwalk 5.2 Beta having been released yesterday, we immediately took 
| this new release for a quick test-drive.    
| [...]
| We have just been using Zenwalk 5.2 beta for a few hours now, but it 
| continues to live on as a distribution we would certainly recommend at least 
| trying out. Zenwalk is quite polished and has a nice theme/artwork and is 
| full-featured for being on an Xfce desktop and the ISO coming in at just over 
| 500MB. More information on this Linux distribution can be found at 
| Zenwalk.org.     



Zenwalk Linux 5.2 Beta Available Now - Ever tried zen computing?

,----[ Quote ]
| After 4 months of hard work, Zenwalk team is proud to announce the immediate
| availability of Zenwalk Linux 5.2 Beta: "The long awaited Zenwalk 5.2 is out
| in Beta. It's been
| 4 months since the last release, and it is time to brush off the packages" -
| says the Zenwalk team in the release announcement. If you're wondering what's
| new in this version, let us tell you that it's packed with a revamped package
| manager, netpkg "new generation" v4, which has been fully rewritten in
| Perl-GTK, the unbeatable media player for Linux, MPlayer, has support for DVD
| menus, and the resume/suspend operations were greatly improved.



Review: Zenwalk Linux 5.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall, I'd say that Zenwalk 5 is a good distribution, and it does meet its
| goals of speed, quality appearance and multimedia support.  Where it fails
| though I think is in offering itself as a good distribution to the new user.  
| I could be entirely wrong and new users might take to Zenwalk 5 like a duck
| to water.    


Zenwalk Live 5.0

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're still on the quest of finding the best desktop Linux distribution
| for your needs, one worthy contender that often goes overlooked is Zenwalk.
| Zenwalk is a Slackware-based distribution that uses the Xfce desktop
| environment and is light-weight but comes with a variety of useful desktop
| applications. Zenwalk Live 5.0 was released this past week and it features
| LiveCD install support and capabilities for easily remastering your own
| Zenwalk LiveCD media. In addition, Zenwalk 5.0 has a few extra enhancements
| in the area of natural language support, multi-media, and WiFi drivers (both
| native and through ndiswrapper).        


A Walk in the Park with Zenwalk 5.0

,----[ Quote ]
| From version 3.0 up to now, Zenwalk didn’t fail to impress me. In fact, I
| think it keeps on getting better and better after every release. The speed,
| ease-of-use, and stability were much improved in this latest release. The
| light footprint and the featherweight desktop still make Zenwalk ideal for
| low-end computer hardware. I will definitely install it if I have a Pentium
| III class machine with less than 256 MB of RAM.    
| Using Zenwalk may not be a walk in the park if used by Linux beginners, but
| it’s almost there. Minus the installation, particularly the partitioning
| portion, I would say without doubt that it can easily become a
| newbie-friendly distro. A little bit of patience and some Linux love are all
| you need to fully appreciate a wonderful distro like Zenwalk.    


Zenwalk 5.0 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Zenwalk is a really great distribution for Linux newbies, just because of the
| fact that it chooses single mainstream application for each task. And this
| does not mean that Zenwalk will not appeal to Linux gurus. I will just
| say "Try the Zen computing" and see it yourself.  



Tiny Zenwalk 5.0 packs a big punch

,----[ Quote ]
| For a single-CD distro, Zenwalk 5.0 packs quite a punch. It's light, it's
| zippy, and it has all the everyday applications a desktop user would need. It
| still isn't the best distro for users who shun the command line. But since
| I'm used to the command line after years of running Linux, Zenwalk 5.0 is
| staying on all my machines.    


First look at Zenwalk Linux 5.0

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm really impressed with the progress Zenwalk Linux has made in the last 18
| months. It has become a great looking system that works really well overall.
| It's full-featured while remaining light and fast. I don't see any reason why
| even a newcomer couldn't enjoy running this system as is, but I'd really like
| to see Nano replace Vi for them. In addition, I wish the developers of
| Zenwalk could look into including one of the proprietary graphic driver
| installers used by other systems. If anyone needs any help, there's a Zenwalk
| Manual online as well as a Wiki and Forum. I personally only encountered a
| few little niggles here and there, but as a whole Zenwalk was a pleasure to
| use. Congratulations to the development team for such a nice release.        


Zenwalk 5.0 - Something More, Something New.

,----[ Quote ]
| This is another great release from the Zenwalk Linux team. The developers
| have obviously listened to the requests or even demands from its users or
| fence-sitters. Zenwalk Linux 5.0 is much more WiFi-friendly now, at least
| with Intel Pro Wireless and Intel Wireless WiFi Link chipsets. I am also very
| delighted to have found so many bleeding edge packages in the Zenwalk Linux
| official repositories, whether it's in the current or snapshot directories.    


Zenwalk 5.0: Slackware Made Somewhat Easier

,----[ Quote ]
| I tried Zenwalk back at v3.0 and liked it. It was a fast, sleek, minimalist
| OS based on Slackware, but supposedly only aimed at more technically advanced
| users. With the release of v5.0, I decided to try it again and see how far
| it's come in the past year or so.  
| For those who aren't familiar with Zenwalk, here's a brief update: Zenwalk is
| a one-CD installation of Slackware which has a philosophy of only including
| one program for each task. It was originally called MiniSlack in the pre-1.0
| days when it shipped with WindowMaker as the desktop. Now, it's based on
| XFCE, supposedly has much better hardware detection, and is a more complete
| desktop overall. It's still based loosely on Slackware, using Slackware's
| packaging system and using LILO instead of GRUB as the boot loader, but it's
| a more complete OS out of the box, despite being smaller.      


Releases : Zenwalk 5.0 has been released !

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the conception of Zenwalk the decision was made to focus on simplicity
| and optimum performance. You will be happy to learn that Zenwalk 5.0 even
| while being a major release continues to follow those very same principles.  


Zenwalk 5: A Distribution Worth Trying

,----[ Quote ]
| After using Zenwalk 5.0 Beta quite a bit since its release, we haven't hit
| any show-stopping bugs and have found these improvements to be quite modest.
| If you are new to Linux or just looking to try out a different distribution,
| we feel that Zenwalk 5.0 is a great lightweight Linux desktop worth trying
| out.    

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