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Re: [News] Official International-level Complaint About Microsoft OOXML and ISO (from South African)

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____/ bbgruff on Friday 23 May 2008 17:29 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> The whole thing is a big mess. With the EU still investigating the
>> stuffing, the whole legitimacy of the process is in the gutter. In
>> fact, OOXML's BRM convenor took a little spit on the process a few
>> days ago, saying they need to start from scratch.
> Thanks for your response, Roy - and I was quite forgetting the situation
> within the ISO itself.
> My understanding is that MS stuffed a lot of new members in there to get
> OOXML through on the fast track, and if (as seems to be the case) they
> joined only for the one purpose, that rather fouls up the whole system
> now wrt processing other specs, does it not?

Someone has just told me that PAS has gone titsup and there may be no new
(fast-tracked) standards here until 2010 at the earliest.
> "egg" and "face" are the two words that come to mind..... although in
> these parts, "they buggered it up between them" might well be better
> understood!

The egg-throwing routine was lame. Seeing Ballmer and The Gang going pale when
a lot of the corruption is exposed *AND* brings punishment would be better. In
reality, the corruption is hardly covered in the press and Microsoft is above
the law -- earning that sort of immunity only diplomats typically have.

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