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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Search 'Bribes' Plan Sinks Its Stock

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[Well, CNET called it "bribery" [1].]

Rock the Cashback

,----[ Quote ]
| All of this leaves investors and Yahoo executives to wonder: If Microsoft 
| can't even get its own products on the same page, how is it going to apply 
| corporate synergy to a Yahoo merger? Ignoring stock prices and proxy battles 
| for a moment, product launches like cashback unintentionally reveal that 
| Microsoft needs Yahoo more than Yahoo needs Microsoft. It's time for Steve 
| Ballmer and pals to pony up for Yahoo—even if they don't get any cash back.     


Tech stocks slump, close with broad losses

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft shares fell 51 cents to close at $28.25 after the company said it 
| would begin giving cash back to consumers who buy items using Microsoft's 
| online search engines.  


Google’s search share tops 61 percent; That’ll spook Microsoft more

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft search fell to 9.1 percent in April from 9.4 percent in March. In 
| fact, all search providers–Ask.com and AOL–took a market share hit except for 
| Google.  


Yahoo postpones annual meeting, battle with Icahn

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo Inc. on Thursday postponed a looming showdown for control of its board, 
| giving itself more time to prepare a defense _ or negotiate a sale to 
| Microsoft Corp. that would cause activist investor Carl Icahn to call off the 
| mutiny.   


[1] Microsoft's new tack: Bribery as a business model

,----[ Quote ]
| But truth be told, it's not the worst idea. What's the harm in giving it a
| shot? In a recession--or whatever you want to call the current economic
| malaise in the United States--consumers are open to bribes (oh, I forgot:
| rebates). So why not see if this strikes the people's fancy? But this is only
| a holding action. The reason more people use Google's search is the user
| experience. It works better, so they keep returning. Microsoft CEO Steve
| Ballmer knows this.

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