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[News] New Mandriva Linux Partnerships in Nigeria

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Nigeria: Unilag, Mandriva Linus in ICT Partnership

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva Linux, the global editor of Linux distribution, with head office in 
| Paris, incorporated a subsidiary, Mandriva Linux West Africa Limited with 
| headquarters in Lagos .  


With Microsoft bribing officials (see below), one has to wonder if Microsoft is
the biggest criminal there.


There's always hope...

,----[ Quote
| And to back his buddy, the MS dude (Neil Holloway) in charge of Europe 
| branch: " [snip Tim Funkenbusch Quark-like garbage] " said Holloway. 
| Talk about spinning to a ridiculous level!
| If it isn't about the cost of software, why don't you give all your products 
| away for free? You can't teach ANY computer skills without the software. And 
| guess what? MS software costs money!  
| Overall, we're talking more than 100,000 Classmate PCs when the deployment is 
| complete. That's a crap load of licenses! 


Lessons from Africa: How to Kill Your Own FUD

,----[ Quote ]
| So, even as Microsoft claims superior quality over Linux, they act as if they 
| don't even buy their own FUD. If they really believed that Windows was 
| superior to Linux, they wouldn't have to bribe people with “marketing help” 
| to get them to choose Windows.   


Linux wins Nigerian school desktops back from Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| "We are sticking with that platform," said the official, who would not give
| his name.


And the Nigerian government chose Windows [It didn't] why?

,----[ Quote ]
| That’s precisely what Nigeria did. Having used the Classmate with Mandriva
| installed, I simply can’t find any flaws in the system that would lead to
| such a switch. No deficiencies compared to Windows, no performance problems,
| no installation problems, nothing. Mandriva just works in this setting and
| works well. No wonder François Bancilhon was angry.


Living with Mandriva 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| This is currently my favorite popular distro. From a practical standpoint, I
| feel it is better than Windows Vista. I don’t say that as a Linux slappy.
| Looking at it from an angle of which OS enables me to do the things I need to
| do day in and day out, Mandriva shines. My next article will compare Vista
| and Mandriva 2008 in depth, and I will convince you why 2008 wins.    

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