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Re: Just Say NO!

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____/ Sinister Midget on Friday 23 May 2008 13:33 : \____

> There are a lot of well-fed trolls in here. They should be starving to
> death, but they keep getting fatter and fatter.
> I've completely wiped out most (if not all) of the most abusive. When
> the rare happenstance has one pop past the filters, I'm often inclined
> to respond. Sometimes I do. But most times reason takes over and I
> cancel the response, then look to see if there's soemthing I need to do
> to tighten things up.
> If people would practice similar restraint (including myself in the
> rare cases where I can't control the urge to respond) the trolls would
> evaporate. Completely. Sure, they'd prod and probe. They'd become more
> outrageous and noisy. But they'd give it up because there'd be no
> reward.
> Unlike now, when it seems all they have to do is fart and they can get
> 5 or more responses about the aroma accompanying their malodorous
> excretions.
> Just needed to vent. Carry on.

The Linux threat to Microsoft is proportional to the amount of abuse they are
willing to throw at those who extol its value. The same goes for ODF. Ask all
those who were bullied like nobody's business for standing in the way of

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