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[News] GNU/Linux for Libraries, UniversityReaders Chooses Free Software

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Marketing Linux in libraries

,----[ Quote ]
| I agree with the way that they are distributing open source software because 
| libraries are a place where everyone’s encouraged to read and try something 
| new. Or build upon their existing skills/knowledge. In the Philippines, 
| librarians have difficulty in acquiring budget for the library and what more 
| for the computers and software. A foundation like this would probably be the 
| best recourse for librarians.     


Open source gets an "A" grade at UniversityReaders

,----[ Quote ]
| Hamadeh says choosing to build a business on open source is a "no-brainer. 
| You should look at open source solutions first before you get caught up into 
| some sophisticated sales pitch."  



Romanian public libraries to use Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Source software for library automation IBLA, was developed over the
| last two years by a group of IT consultants working at the Military Technical
| Academy and Contact Net, a Romanian company. The developers Adina Riposan,
| Emil Mieilica and Iosif Biro hope the project will increase the use of Open
| Source software in the country.
| The library project is financed by the Romanian and the Italian government,
| both countries wanting to develop an integrated public library system. The
| project was finished earlier this year.


Linux at the Library?

,----[ Quote ]
| It is friendly and it is free and it is being used at the Geneva Public
| Library. Come and visit and see what all the fuss is about. I bet you will
| like it.


How Open Source Software Can Improve Our Library

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu - the most popular player in the Linux based operating system game.
| (Linux is the open-source answer to Microsoft's Windows operating system;
| Ubuntu is a modification of Linux). Ubuntu is a perfect solution for
| libraries who need to upgrade their older computers using outdated Windows or
| for bulk computer purchases requiring a new operating system.


So This Penguin Walks Into The Library...

,----[ Quote ]
| I and a handful of volunteers from Lobby4Linux have been conducting Linux
| Labs for the better part of 2 years. During that time, I have stressed the
| point that the Austin Public Library will always have at least one distro
| available for checkout, should they ever find themselves in a pinch and not
| have a way to lay hands on one.


Announcing the Open Library

,----[ Quote ]
| Early this year, when I left my job at Wired Digital, I thought I could look
| forward to months of lounging around San Francisco, reading books on the
| beach and drinking fine champagne and eating foie gras. Then I got a phone
| call. Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive was thinking of pursuing a
| project that I'd been trying to do literally for years.
| [...]
| So today I'm extraordinarily proud to announce the Open Library project. Our
| goal is to build the world's greatest library,


Howard County Library Migrates to Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The Howard County Library in Columbia, Maryland has successfully
| deployed Groovix on 284 customer computers.  Groovix provides a
| Public Access computing software that turns any computer into a
| secure public workstation.  The Groovix desktop environment is
| based on Ubuntu Linux.
| [...]
| Because of their success, I have a feeling they may become the
| beacon light, guiding other libraries across the country on the
| same route.


Librarians stake their future on open source

,----[ Quote ]
| It's written in C, JavaScript and Perl, is GPLed, runs on Linux with
| Apache, uses a PostgreSQL database, Jabber for messaging and XUL
| as client-side software. The system allows easy clustering and is
| based entirely on open protocols.


Ubuntu @ the Library

,----[ Quote ]
| I installed Ubuntu because I was fed up with all the different OSes
| on the library computers. It was easy, and a little fun.


New group advocates for FOSS in libraries

,----[ Quote ]
| A new advocacy group, the Public Software Foundation (PSF), is working to
| make free and open source software available to local libraries so it can be
| checked out and used just like a book or video. The premise is simple: hand
| out one CD and maybe you've taught one person; make it available in a library
| and perhaps you'll reach hundreds or thousands.


Libraries: Eliminate DRM!

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, we took action against the Boston Public Library (BPL) demanding
| that they embargo the use of DRM technology on their collection and create a
| policy that respects the motto that hangs above their door: "free-to-all." To
| send a message to all libraries that they too should respect their patrons'
| freedom, we urge you to sign our open letter.


Protest DRM at the Boston Public Library

,----[ Quote ]
| the BPL [Boston Public Library] has launched a new service powered by a
| company called OverDrive. The system gives BPL patrons access to books,
| music, and movies online -- but only if they use a Microsoft DRM system.
| There are lots of problems with the introduction of this system: it bars
| access to users of GNU/Linux and MacOS and creates a dependence on a single
| technology vendor for access. These are important issues, certainly. The
| worst problem, however, is much more fundamental.
| By adopting a DRM system for library content, the BPL is giving OverDrive,
| copyright holders, and Microsoft the ability to decide what, when, and how
| its patrons can and cannot read, listen, and watch these parts of the BPL
| collection.


Following Removal of DRM, MIT Resubscribes to SAE Database

,----[ Quote ]
| IT faculty, students, and staff have access to the Society of Automotive
| Engineer’s technical papers over the web again, because the SAE listened to
| MIT and other universities when they spoke out against the imposition of
| Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology.  
| Last spring, the MIT Libraries cancelled their web access to the (SAE)
| technical papers, because the society was imposing a DRM plug-in called
| FileOpen that seriously impeded normal scholarly use.  

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