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[News] London's Oyster Card Relies on GNU/Linux

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Linux opens London's Oyster

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source software helped London's Oyster card system move past a 
| proprietary roadblock, an open-source conference in London was told last 
| week.  
| [...]
| Deloitte built a web front-end that interfaces to the EDS back-end using web 
| services. The new online system is based on open standards and open-source 
| software, including the Apache web server, JBoss middleware and the Linux 
| operating system, said Robinson.   


Elsewhere in the UK, there's the usual shenanigans.

Microsoft megadeal gets second chance

,----[ Quote ]
| MICROSOFT has been granted a second six-month extension on the megadeal it 
| struck in 2004 with the UK government, and which ran out in January. 


The shills from Newham seem to be at it again. It's like Microsoft manages UK
IT decisions (links below).

Newham U-turns on Vista



Promoting Microsoft...

,----[ Quote ]
| is written into his MoU with Microsoft.
| This is the same man who originated the term "doing a Newham" - ie the 
| process of feigning interest in Linux to get, ahem, 'preferential 
| arrangements' with Microsoft.  
| This is the same man who, in line with Newhams MoU with Microsoft, starred in 
| Microsoft's "Get the Facts" roadshow. 
| As Dr John Pugh MP has stated, "Microsoft is *very* close to the UK 
| Government, and they intend to stay there". 
| Richard Steel's appointment as President of Socitm is a very canny play from 
| the multiply-convicted monopolist. 
| Of course the contractual obligation to promote Microsoft in the UK Public 
| Sector will not affect either his credibility, or his bias-free ability to 
| perform this new role, nobody could possibly think that, could they?   


Newham has a cow over Microsoft MOU

,----[ Quote
| However, Newham has supplied the INQUIRER with internal studies that it says 
| do demonstrate that its decision to commit to Microsoft was justified. The 
| studies were performed by Socitm, a private public sector consulting firm of 
| which Newham COI Steele is a vice president. the INQUIRER will report on 
| these findings in due course.    
| Meanwhile, the original MOU is enlightening. As well as claiming the deal 
| would enable Newham to achieve high rankings in Audit Commission assessments, 
| it committed Newham to moving all "competitive technology" to Microsoft, 
| regardless of the feasibility of such a move.   
| It also required Steele to promote Microsoft software.
| See attached file: Memorandum of Understanding.doc


Is This the Season of Porcine Aerobatics?

,----[ Quote ]
| Two of the darkest moments for open source in the UK involved the loss of 
| major public projects. The first was Newham Borough Council, which ran a 
| high-profile trial of open source only to ditch it at the last moment, after 
| magically receiving an offer it couldn't refuse from Microsoft – which cynics 
| suggested was the main motivation for the open source exercise in the first 
| place.     
| This was bad news for free software, because it enabled Microsoft to do two 
| things. First, it could claim that an independent body had tried open source 
| and found it wanting, and secondly, it was able to use Newham as a showcase 
| for its public sector technology.   
| In some ways, the second defeat was even worse. It involved a massive 
| contract with the NHS that was far-reaching in scope... 


London council dumps Microsoft, may go open source instead

,----[ Quote ]
| NEWHAM LONDON Borough Council has scrapped the controversial 10-year 
| Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) it signed with Microsoft in 2004 and drawn 
| up a new agreement with a new set of deliverables.  

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