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[News] Barracuda CEO Talks About Fighting Software Patents Leech (Trend Micro)

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Barracuda CEO Dean Drako explains why his company is publically fighting Trend
Micro patent suit (video)

,----[ Quote ]
| It's unusual for companies engaged in patent litigation to comment on how the 
| fight is going. But Barracuda Networks CEO Dean Drako has openly sought FOSS  
| community support for his company's defense again a Trend Micro lawsuit that, 
| while filed against his company, is really about ClamAV. We've written about  
| this before, as have others. In this video, however, we'll let Dean tell you 
| in his own words what's going on -- and why.   


More interesting stuff here:

Apple sued over Mighty Mouse

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple licensed the right to use the name Mighty Mouse from US broadcaster 
| CBS, which owns the name through its rights to the 1940s cartoon show - 
| Mighty Mouse.  



Trend Micro patent claim provokes FOSS community, leads to boycott

,----[ Quote ]
| Eben Moglen of the Software Freedom Law Center is aware of the case, and is 
| considering a patent re-examination request or another intervention in the 
| case.  
| Contacted by Linux.com, Barracuda's Drako acknowledged the array of reactions 
| by saying, "We at Barracuda want to extend our thanks to the tremendous 
| number of individuals who expressed support for our defending the use of 
| ClamAV free and open source software, as well as to the community members 
| that have submitted prior art."    
| If Trend Micro hasn't already, it is about to find out that the case is about 
| free software after all. 


Call for action: Boycott Trend Micro

,----[ Quote ]
| Anti virus developer Trend Micro accused Barracuda Networks of patent 
| infringement but what they really did was attacking the users of ClamAV free 
| anti virus software with a bogus patent.  


When Patents Threaten Science

,----[ Quote ]
| Patents should not be used to protect laws of nature, products of
| nature, or mathematical formulas.

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