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[News] More on the Index for Open Source Players and Open Source Fakers

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Customers versus users: a distinction

,----[ Quote ]
| He is of course right that most enterprise adopters would not care about an 
| openness index, and in fact such a thing could actually cause more harm than 
| good by confusing potential adopters. However enterprises were not the 
| potential audience that I (or I believe MTG) envisioned for what MTG called 
| the Equitable Open Source label.    


Here are some brand-new example of very weak 'open source' things:

Misys Open Source Solutions Launches Open Carbon World Portal

,----[ Quote ]
| Misys Open Source Solutions in conjunction with several industry partners 
| announced today at the California Climate Action Registry’s 6th Annual 
| Navigating the Carbon World conference that it has launched a beta-version of 
| its Open Carbon World portal for members of the carbon community interested 
| in driving market policy.    


RTOS company joins open-source community

,----[ Quote ]
| Express Logic recently introduced an Eclipse-based integrated development 
| environment, BenchX, which provides software developers with the tools they 
| need to build intelligent embedded devices.  


1&1 Opts for Open Source Business Foundation Membership

,----[ Quote ]
| 1&1 Internet, a web host company, today announced that it has joined Open 
| Source Business Foundation e.V. Seated in Nuremberg. It states that Open 
| Source Business Foundation is a European network of the open source sector 
| and already has more than 120 members - innovative companies as well as 
| scientific institutes and public-sector bodies.    


Microsoft shoved itself into there too.

SugarCRM launches data center edition

,----[ Quote ]
| "Here you have an open-source product that is already compatible with other 
| open-source technologies, including PHP and ZEND, the open-source e-mail tool 
| Thunderbird, mySQL, and Linux," he said in an e-mail.  


At least they support and use Linux. GPLv3 for community edition.

New Open Source ColdFusion CMS Gives Costly Competitors a Run for the Money

,----[ Quote ]
| Blue River Interactive Group announced today the release of Sava CMS, its 
| open source ColdFusion-based content management system 

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