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[News] PCLinuxOS Rave and Comparison of GNU/Linuxes on USB Drives

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,----[ Quote ]
| And THEN I find out that PCLinuxOS is a 'rolling release' style distro. This 
| means that you don't have to worry about major version upgrades, just keep 
| doing the updates and you will always have the latest 'version'. I like this 
| a lot.   
| I need to find the time to put this distro on my wife's computer. I'm curious 
| how she'll react to a KDE desktop. She does NOT like change when it comes to 
| her computer. We are both so used to GNOME. I think she'll value a properly 
| working OS though over a broken one. I'm also curious to see if the install 
| goes better on hers than on mine.    


A small team could accomplish more than Microsoft, with the Vista nobody wants.
Since PCLinuxOS is no RHEL, you can't hear about all the businesses and
schools that adopt it (example below).

Comparing Linux USB flash disk distros

,----[ Quote ]
| Of the two mini distros, I found DSL more useful because of the neater user 
| interface and simpler install process. If you're looking for a complete Linux 
| desktop on a USB flash disk, then Mandriva Flash is the clear winner. But if 
| you don't want to spend money for your operating system, then you should 
| consider Pendrivelinux.    



Students using PCLinuxOS in Vietnam

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, I decided to test PCLinuxOS with my students. Wow, amazing. Finally 
| a Linux distro that the majority of my students actually liked using. It ran 
| faster than any of the other Linux distros they tried and easily connected to 
| the internet from inside the school (they like to read Yahoo 360 blogs in 
| class). They figured out how to use Konquerer to browse around the different 
| directories in their laptops without me even telling them. As with Macbooks, 
| the Desktop GUI was easy to learn. Thus, I decided to use PCLinuxOS.      

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