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Re: Microsoft and ODF

____/ The Ghost In The Machine on Thursday 22 May 2008 01:08 : \____

> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, bbgruff
> <bbgruff@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>  wrote
> on Thu, 22 May 2008 00:19:14 +0100
> <69jovfF33c9adU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> The Ghost In The Machine wrote:
>>> Oh well...it's a benefit to the MS Office user, if nothing else;
>>> I just hope they get the conversion more or less right.
>> I find this *extremely* interesting, ghost.
>> When discussing technicla matters with technical people (meaning when
>> technical people such as yourself are kind enough to talk to me!) I try
>> to listen very carefully to *what* they say.
>> This press release isn't coming so much from technical people.  It's
>> coming from (in effect) politicians.  When I listen to politicians, I
>> find that rather than concentrate on *what* they say, it is frequently
>> more interesting to ask *why* they said it.
>> Behind this press release, there is (imo) a hell of a lot going on here!
>> The reasons for this development cetainly would include a recent report
>> from New York, and ongoing work within the E.U.
>> As I said nearly 3 years ago when MA made their announcement re. ODF,
>> this story has a *long* way to run yet:-)
> An interesting subpoint.  I'll admit I don't know what to
> make of all this, apart from Microsoft trying to forestall
> criticism from certain quarters.  (These might include
> the EUC, as well as competitive interests such as RedHat.)

This could be vapourware. Let's wait and watch.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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