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Re: McCain and Microsoft

____/ Phil Da Lick! on Wednesday 21 May 2008 16:02 : \____

> nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> <Quote>
>> John McCain told Wall Street Journal columnists...that he would select
>> individuals for his cabinet [like] Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer.
>> Ballmer’s reputation for throwing chairs, sweaty theatrics on stage,
>> vowing to “kill Google,” and his association of Linux with Communism
>> played into blogger Kara Swisher’s reply, “Steve Ballmer, Secretary of
>> State, right?” which elicited some laughs. McCain added, “How about
>> ambassador to China, that would be good.”
> Fsck me! Blammer? Near the button? I hope you yanks vote for Obama!

Why would they want to 'hire' the guy who sinks one ship to run another? Oh, I
guess that corrupt minds think alike and get along.

5 Ways in which Bush is like Ballmer

,----[ Quote ]
|     * No matter how much Bush screws his people, he is still
|       president! == No matter how much Ballmer screws his customers,
|       MS is still popular.
|     * Bush talks a lot. He is able to make people see non-existent weapons.    
|       == Ballmer was actually operated on for talking too much...
|     * Bush rules his people by FUD... == Ballmer wins market 
|       share by FUD. Telling users that Linux is communism and that open 
|       source does not have technical support and its insecure.
|     * Bush takes advantage of moments of grief to further his fascism... == 
|       Microsoft takes advantage of suffering children in developing 
|       countries...
|     * Bush is obsessed with national security... == Microsoft is
|       obsessed with a one size fits all frenzy...



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