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[News] Free Software Poised to Change Status Quo; Another Award for Red Hat

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Is Open Source Threatening the Status Quo?

,----[ Quote ]
| A new software upstart Marketcetera contends that its open source platform 
| for building automated trading systems is an alternative to the likes of EMS 
| providers Portware and Flextrade. Marketcetera's CEO Graham Miller (who 
| previously worked at hedge funds where he developed automated trading 
| systems) regards these platforms as proprietary and calls them restrictive 
| and inflexible as well as expensive.     
| [...]
| As Linux evolved, it threatened the likes of Microsoft Windows and Sun’s Unix 
| (Solaris). Well now every major Wall Street brokerage firm and exchange is 
| running Linux — though they may have bought a software license from Red Hat. 
| [Most recently, NYSE Euronext migrated its electronic trading to Linux under 
| a deal with open source vendor Red Hat.]    


New award for Red Hat:

Codie awards go to Red Hat, Adobe, Salesforce.com

,----[ Quote ]
| Awards were to be given out at a ceremony in San Francisco with high-profile 
| vendors like Red Hat, Adobe Systems, and Salesforce.com taking home prizes 
| along with newer companies like SightSpeed.  



Red Hat Named #1 IT Vendor To Do Business With By Customers In Japan

,----[ Quote ]
| Conducted in April 2007, Nikkei Market Access' research surveyed nearly 800 
| IT workers from major companies involved in info-com products throughout 
| Japan regarding their views of service vendors and system integrators. 
| Employees working in corporate information systems sections who maintain 
| contact with the nominated vendors throughout the course of their duties were 
| asked to respond regarding the products and services of the involved 
| companies. The survey evaluated 44 nominated vendors chosen by respondents. 
| The top three respective vendors include Red Hat Japan with 27.5 percent of 
| responses, Apple Japan with 25.6 percent and Willcom with 23.0 percent.        

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