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[News] Google's Role in Promoting Linux at Symbian's and Windows' Expense

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Are Google and Amazon the Next Great Hope for the (Linux) Desktop?

,----[ Quote
| This opportunity is the same for Linux as it is for Mac. If you are no longer 
| dependent on your desktop operating system for tight application integration 
| you have a lot more freedom in your desktop platform. That opens the door for 
| Linux. Frankly, I use an Apple OS X desktop (which supports my EVDO card) for 
| my work laptop but much of the time I prefer the quick response of my Ubuntu 
| operating system running on a Dell laptop which costs about one-third of the 
| what my Mac Book Pro does. With a little tweaking and growing hardware 
| support (for me it’s support for my Verizon EVDO card) I see Linux desktops 
| like the AsusEEE being a good alternative to one running Windows. If all your 
| apps are in the network it’s likely you could use inexpensive desktop 
| computers at work running Linux and ultra-mobile PCs on the road. I don’t 
| expect a massive migration to Linux or Mac from Windows. I just envision a 
| opportunity for a greater and more realistic number of choices for desktop 
| computing.             


And then there's Android... (see bottom)

Don't Ask About the Smartphones, Symbian CEO Says

,----[ Quote
| "One of the things we are focusing on far more now [is], don't talk about the 
| smartphone marketplace, internally and externally, just talk about the 
| overall phone market," Clifford said.  



Is Google Android the Next Windows?

,----[ Quote ]
| On the flip side, Good Android (here’s a video demo) is a cross-platform
| software environment that multiple hardware vendors and service providers are
| expected to embrace. Although Android isn’t fully baked, Google is
| aggressively promoting the operating environment to third party developers.
| The idea is to get developers on board early, so that tons of Android
| applications are ready when Android-compatible devices finally debut.    
| [...]
| Eventually, The VAR Guy suspects, Android devices will easily leapfrog
| iPhone’s market share. But that’s not a terrible thing for Apple. Although
| Apple nearly died on the desktop, Apple’s more recent innovations prove that
| you can thrive even when you hold less than 10 percent of a technology
| market.    

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