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[News] Australian Company and Senator Push for Free Software

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CeBIT 08: Red Hat and Ice Systems join for Open Source 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Australian-owned service provider, Ice Systems, has joined with Red Hat to 
| preach the word on Open Source 3.0. 


CeBIT 08: Senator Lundy lobbies for Open Source change

,----[ Quote ]
| Lundy also described debates about allowing open access to Crown copyright 
| material, open access to government-funded research, and Open Source 
| licensing of software that is developed with taxpayers’ money.  
| “Governments tend to want to hold onto that [software] as an asset, and a lot 
| of opportunities for innovation are lost that way,” Lundy said. 


"Bill Gates looks at everything as something that should be his. He acts in any
way he can to make it his. It can be an idea, market share, or a contract.
There is not an ounce of conscientiousness or compassion in him. The notion of
fairness means nothing to him. The only thing he understands is leverage."

                --Philippe Kahn


Red Hat: Australia missed OOXML opportunity

,----[ Quote ]
| Australia was one of 41 countries that participated in decision to replace
| the previous standard, OpenDocument Format (ODF), with OOXML (Open Office
| XML) which is developed and promoted by Microsoft.
| Denmark, Germany, Japan and Singapore were among 24 countries that voted in
| favour of Microsoft’s format. Eight countries, including China and New
| Zealand disapproved, while nine countries, including Australia, chose to
| abstain from voting.
| “I was very disappointed that Australia did not vote,” Feldmann said. “Your
| New Zealand cousins did, and they said no.”
| “You really missed an opportunity there,” he said.



Open Source programmers earn more and combat trade deficit

,----[ Quote ]
| The findings from the fourth-quarter 2007 Open Source Industry and Community 
| survey is out. The authors say the results show open source is effective in 
| combating trade deficit and that IT professionals involved in open source 
| earn more than their more proprietary colleagues. Let’s check it out.   


Australian open source industry worth $500 million

,----[ Quote ]
| "The industry as a whole is earning $500 million," said Jeff Waugh,
| co-founder of Waugh Partners, which conducted the survey online late last
| year. "Directly open source related earnings are about $300 million, but the
| reason why we're distinguishing between these numbers is the industry is not
| just companies that build open source software. They also use open source
| products to support other parts of their business as well."
| Waugh said the figure was calculated by taking the midpoint earnings figures
| specified by companies who took part, and extrapolating over the broader ICT
| industry using existing data such as surveys by the Australian Bureau of
| Statistics and Australian Computer Society. Waugh Partners estimates the
| respondents represent about a quarter of the overall industry.


Open source increases its share

,----[ Quote ]
| BUSINESS generated directly from open source software in Australia is worth 
| about $300 million a year, with government a large contributor to the pie, a 
| study shows.  


Local Government Urged to Consider Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The senior IT officer from a West Australian shire says open source software 
| can provide a way forward for councils suffering budgetary constraints. 



Governments slammed for anti-competitive software tendering practices     

,----[ Quote ]
| A leading Australian open source advocate has called for an end for to
| tender lock-outs of competitors to Microsoft, claiming the practice
| is costing Australian taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each
| year.


Feds revise IT procurement model

,----[ Quote ]
| The federal government has launched version two of the SourceIT
| model contracts and user notes aimed at simplifying procurement of
| information technology 12 months after the first version.

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