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Re: Destroying idea patents by posting ideas on the internet ??? to USENET groups.

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____/ Rick on Tuesday 20 May 2008 12:01 : \____

> On Tue, 20 May 2008 07:00:49 -0400, Linonut wrote:
>> * Homer peremptorily fired off this memo:
>>> Only if it's /before/ the fact, i.e. prior art. Another way to deal
>>> with software patents is to simply move to a more civilised country
>>> that does not recognise them (FSVO: "move", which may simply mean
>>> registering your organisation abroad and/or hosting software overseas).
>>> By far the /best/ way of dealing with software patents, is to lobby
>>> congress to revoke the whole pestilent system, but since it was corrupt
>>> congressmen who allowed software patents to be recognised in the first
>>> place, be sure to bring a few suitcases filled with non-sequential
>>> bills, otherwise you're wasting your time.
>> Here in America, we have the best congressmen money can buy!
> No, we don't. We can buy much better ones.

*LOL* Who buys them though? Can you buy a congressman?


RIAA, MPAA urge pro-copyright vows from presidential candidates

,----[ Quote ]
| One question, for instance, asks: "How would you promote the progress of 
| science and creativity, as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, by upholding 
| and strengthening copyright law and preventing its diminishment?"  


Video that [H]omer brought up:


Here in the UK candidacy has similar problems. I've heard that the Bilderberg
Group assures certain long-time members like Blair to be elected (it's only a
question of money and exposure) and in return Blair will need to obey and
accomodate the needs of his fellow group members. Citizens and votes first?
<melaughs />

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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