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Re: [News] Joys of Linux & Printing: Everything Works Out of the Box

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____/ Linonut on Tuesday 20 May 2008 17:46 : \____

> * SomeBloke peremptorily fired off this memo:
>> Just like my Samsung ML-4500 B&W laser printer. I access it through an Intel
>> print server. Two more steps than simply plugging in and going, but simple
>> and straightforward with CUPS. Unlike Windows XP, when after installing the
>> driver from a disk I then had to go through the rigmaroll of creating a new
>> port and praying to the mighty Baal!
> And Winnuts will tells us the command-line is arcane.  Go figure.

You phone the Mighty Baal, which is a toll-free call and then get told what to
type (click "Start", then "Run...", then "cmd"...).

One difference between Linux and Windows is that with Linux you could do
virtually /anything/ from the CLI (and it's quicker this way if you already
know how to do it). With Windows, failing the GUI and that crippled CLI, you
have to (r)estart/(r)eboot/(r)einstall app/(r)einsatll O/S/bring to (r)epair,
which is costly (time and/or money).

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