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[News] Microsoft's Grip on OEMs Increasingly Weakens

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Amazon UK refunding Windows license fees

,----[ Quote ]
| christian.einfeldt writes "Alan Lord, a FOSS computer consultant based in the 
| UK, has announced that Amazon UK honored his request for a refund of the 
| Microsoft license fee portion of the cost of a new Asus netbook PC that came 
| with Microsoft Windows XP. Lord details the steps that he took to obtain a 
| refund of 40.00 GBP for the cost of the EULA, complete with links to click to 
| request a refund. Lord's refund comes 10 years after the initial flurry of 
| activity surrounding EULA discounts, started by a blog post by Australian 
| computer consultant Geoffrey Bennett which appeared on Slashdot on 18 January 
| 1999. That Slashdot story led to mainstream press coverage, such as stories 
| in CNN, the New York Times on-line, and the San Francisco Chronicle, to name 
| just a few. The issue quieted down for a few years, but has started to gain 
| some momentum again in recent years, with judges in France, Italy, and Israel 
| awarding refunds. But if Lord's experience is any indication, getting a 
| refund through Amazon might be as easy as filling out a few forms, at least 
| in the UK, without any need to go to court."              


Another new way to get Linux:

Always Up To Date

,----[ Quote ]
| Introducing "Always Up To Date", our classification for Operating Systems 
| that are ALWAYS updated on the day they ship from On-Disk.com, so you always 
| receive the absolute latest we can provide. This freshness factor results in 
| more secure, better performing installations where every disc is as fresh as 
| a new release.     



Linux on Netbooks: The Smoking Gun

,----[ Quote ]
| Is there no regulatory body that can get Microsoft's fat fanny off of Linux
| so it can get some air? Instead the DOJ are investigating *Google*? What
| Microsoft is reportedly doing is a pimple on the antitrust regulators' noses.
| We see it. Why can't you? Where are you? Please don't wait until Linux is
| totally crushed.
| Let us customers choose what we prefer from a fair and even playing field,
| please. I'd like to buy the products that are being squashed. A lot of us
| would like to. And we are not being allowed to get the products that we
| desire. I don't want Microsoft software. I'd like a choice. And I shouldn't
| have to buy a netbook with Microsoft on it and install Linux myself. I will,
| but I should not have to.



More evidence of Microsoft "tying up" the Asus EeePC

,----[ Quote ]
| Then, one of the makers of Netbooks will release a fantastic product using
| the paid Ubuntu/Netbook Remix, which will make us all forget about the EeePC
| — or, maybe we’ll remember it as one of the makers which used GNU/Linux in
| order to launch a product, and then gave in to Microsoft’s pressure.
| The real question is: will the next maker manage to resist Microsoft’s
| pressure? Or will everybody end up closely tied up with Microsoft?



,----[ Quote ]
| TechTree: States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka promote the Linux
| operating system in its education and government sectors. Will ASUS roll out
| Linux alternatives for the new 904HD and 1000H models in India?
| Benson Lin: Currently, we're closely tied up with Microsoft and the EEE PC
| with Windows XP would be available to the Indian market.

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