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[News] GNU/Linux Still "ALIVE and WELL!" on Sub-notebooks

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Linux on Netbooks - ALIVE and WELL!

,----[ Quote ]
| Doing my part to bring out the truth about Linux on the Netbook.
| There's been a lot of buzz lately about netbooks, and many sources out there 
| have not done their due diligence to debunk the myth of "Linux is Dead on the 
| Netbook". C'mon people, don't just jump on the bandwagon and repeat the 
| marketing spew, do some research and tell the truth!   


Kubuntu Netbook Edition starts to take shape

,----[ Quote ]
| One of our goals for Kubuntu in this development cycle is to introduce a new 
| sub-flavor of Kubuntu for netbooks (thus Kubuntu Netbook Edition).  



PR disaster alert: Asus attacks on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| As the articles here and here as well as the discussion here point out,
| leaving Linux is not only a bad move from a technical point of view but the
| way it was done also angered and insulted members of the Linux community,
| many of which are your customers. Guess what? They are not you consumers
| anymore. Worse, these are usually people responsible for purchasing the
| computing equipment for their families or their companies, so the loss goes
| much deeper than just a few Linux users. Let's look at a few chosen comments
| from the articles above....


Asus Eee and the 'It's Better with Windows' Campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| However, despite the first flurry of rumors that the campaign was a hoax,
| Asus has admitted that the campaign is legitimate. In a way, the news is a
| relief. For those of us who have looked askance at Microsoft's sponsoring of
| open source conferences and efforts to create its own open source ecosystem,
| the It's Better with Windows site is a return to the familiar. At least when
| Microsoft is spinning half-truths about free and open source software (FOSS),
| you can be in no doubt where everybody stands.
| The site is very much a classic piece of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt),
| the likes of which we may never see again as Microsoft becomes more subtle in
| its struggle to survive in a market where FOSS is a player.


Is Microsoft ‘Buying-Off’ Linux Netbook Vendors? [Updated]

,----[ Quote ]
| This whole thing reminds me of the stupid and cringe-worthy adverts you see
| in the press where Vendor X says that they “Recommend Proprietary OS Home
| Premium”. Do they hell. Do you think they really believe that? Or do you
| think they have been given incentives to say so? I often wonder if there
| could be a case here with the Trades Description Act (if that still exists).
| IANAL so don’t really know but it seems as though many vendors’ adverts are
| not being totally honest when they make these recommendations. It’s bloody
| obvious they are being paid in some form or another to say that.



More evidence of Microsoft "tying up" the Asus EeePC

,----[ Quote ]
| Then, one of the makers of Netbooks will release a fantastic product using
| the paid Ubuntu/Netbook Remix, which will make us all forget about the EeePC
| — or, maybe we’ll remember it as one of the makers which used GNU/Linux in
| order to launch a product, and then gave in to Microsoft’s pressure.
| The real question is: will the next maker manage to resist Microsoft’s
| pressure? Or will everybody end up closely tied up with Microsoft?



,----[ Quote ]
| TechTree: States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka promote the Linux
| operating system in its education and government sectors. Will ASUS roll out
| Linux alternatives for the new 904HD and 1000H models in India?
| Benson Lin: Currently, we're closely tied up with Microsoft and the EEE PC
| with Windows XP would be available to the Indian market.

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