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[News] GNU/Linux Just Works with Printers, Of Course

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It Just Works: a happy tale of Linux and printers

,----[ Quote ]
| Should I be this happy? Yeah. I think I should. Genuine progress, even in 
| small ways, is worth a smile.  


Logitech Vid - SightSpeed Rebranded and Dumbed Down

,----[ Quote ]
| There is one other case that could change my mind. Shortly before they were 
| taken over, SightSpeed announced a Linux version, which was supposed to be 
| available on Dell laptops preloaded with Linux, and was promised to be 
| generally available "real soon". Then they got taken over by Logitech, and it 
| looks like the Linux version vanished. If Logitech should get smart, and 
| bring out a Vid for Linux, I would jump on that in an instant. I'm not 
| holding my breath... but I am at least keeping my fingers crossed!      



HP's Linux-based Printer connects to the web

,----[ Quote ]
| Instead, the applications, which are written in Java and run on an embedded
| Linux OS, are customized so that they only display what the user will
| specifically need.


HP's TouchSmart Printers Print Web Content, No PC Required

,----[ Quote ]
| The underlying technology is HTML and Linux based; the Web kit browser runs
| on the embedded Linux OS; inside, there's an IMX 31 processor. The apps don't
| take a lot of resources, according to Joshi.


HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Happy with Mac, Linux and Windows XP

,----[ Quote ]
| The software loaded easily on the Mac and I was able to get the Linux
| machines on speaking terms with the printer quickly. With a bit of
| trepidation, I approached the Windows XP machine.  I looked at it, it looked
| at me.  Neither of us was looking forward to an ordeal loading the HP
| software.
| Although I had loads of trouble with HP’s software for the other printers,
| Loading the Officejet Pro 8500 software took only about 20 minutes. Only one
| problem was experienced with the procedure. The registration software
| wouldn’t work with Firefox, my primary Browser on all of my systems. It
| insisted that I use Internet Explorer 7. Since that software isn’t available
| on all of the other systems in use here, it has not been loaded on any of the
| systems.
| [...]

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