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[News] Dutch Government Embraces Free Software and US Follows Slowly

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Legalized drugs, now open source. Those crazy Dutch!

,----[ Quote ]
| While some organizations continue to hide their open-source adoption, NOiV 
| (Nederland Open in Verbinding), has published a map of over 200 open-source 
| products currently in use by the Dutch central government as of mid-2009. 
| (Translation here.)   


Agencies look inward for Web 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Agencies that seek social-networking capabilities are not always able to use 
| public services such as Facebook and Twitter. When they can't, a growing 
| collection of open-source tools is making it easier for them to create their 
| own systems.   
| NASA's Spacebook is one of the most visible examples. Linda Cureton, chief 
| information officer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said she led the 
| effort to create the tool because Facebook offered a good model but was too 
| casual and not secure enough for her facility's needs.   



Cities of Anderlecht, Charleroi and Vorst on the move towards OOo

,----[ Quote ]
| Since end of April, all civil servants of Anderlecht are using OOo. Charleroi
| and Vorst to follow this example.
| http://leo-ooonewsfrombelgium.blogspot.com/


Dutch plans for Free Technology Education

,----[ Quote ]
| Last Friday, 24th of April, the foundations for vendor independent ICT
| education in the Netherlands were laid down. Initiated by the Free Knowledge
| Institute, Ecabo and Vocational Education centre ROC Mondriaan, more than 20
| representatives from some of the key institutes for VET and Higher education
| (MBO and HBO in Dutch), from government and several companies specialised in
| GNU/Linux certification and training participated in this first meeting.


'Open source learning increase in Dutch vocational schools.'

,----[ Quote ]
| The Dutch ministries of Economic Affairs (EZ) and Education, Culture &
| Science (OCW) find it undesirable that students in the secondary vocational
| education system (MBO) are only being taught to use closed software systems
| from a few companies, according to EZ secretary Frank Heemskerk.

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