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[News] MAFIAA Threatens in Vain (Blackmail) to Enforce DRM

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Into the DTV era, with no broadcast flag mandate

,----[ Quote ]
| Just a few years ago, some broadcasters and movie studios argued that this 
| transition couldn't happen without a DRM mandate -- a legal requirement for 
| devices to obey the broadcast flag and apply DRM restrictions to free, 
| over-the-air broadcasts. And they said they would hold up and obstruct this 
| transition unless they got their way.    



Swedish pirate party tipped for EU win

,----[ Quote ]
| THE SWEDISH Pirate Party has been favoured to win at least one seat in the
| European parliament this week.


Lars Gustafsson: “Why my vote goes to the Pirate Party” (English translation of
today’s text)

,----[ Quote ]
| Lars Gustafsson is probably Sweden’s most profilic living writer. Since the
| late 1950’s he has produced a steady flow of poetry, novels and literary
| criticism. At the same time, he has until recently been active as professor
| of philosophy at the University of Texas. Now he’s back in Sweden and just
| started publishing himself on a blog. He has also received a long list of
| literary awards, most recently – only two days ago – the Selma Lagerlöf
| award.


German Pirate Party Sets Course For European Parliament

,----[ Quote ]
| The European elections are only two weeks away, and Pirate Party candidates
| vie for seats in different countries. We speak with some of them, starting
| with Andreas Popp, lead candidate for the German Piraten Partei.


Poll: Swedish pro file-sharing party gains support

,----[ Quote ]
| A new poll shows a Swedish party that calls for legalizing Internet
| file-sharing could win a seat in the European Parliament in June.
| The poll published Thursday in the Stockholm newspaper Dagens Nyheter shows
| the Pirate Party's backing has surged after a court verdict against The
| Pirate Bay file-sharing site. Four men behind The Pirate Bay were convicted
| this month of copyright violations and sentenced to a year in prison.


Swedish Pirate Party Heading for EU Parliament

,----[ Quote ]
| A poll carried out by a major Swedish newspaper predicts that the Pirate
| Party will grab around 5.1% of the votes in the upcoming European Union
| elections. This means that the movement, which has gathered huge momentum due
| to the Pirate Bay ‘guilty’ verdict, will get a seat in the EU Parliament.

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