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[News] [Rival] Another Microsoft Product Officially Dies

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Yahoo Answers wins: Microsoft to kill QnA on May 21

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's QnA website has had a very shaky development, never quite 
| becoming good enough to lose the beta tag, and never quite becoming popular 
| enough for its company to give it the attention it really required. Finally, 
| the long road for QnA is coming to a dead end. On the Live QnA Team Blog this 
| week, Microsoft announced that it would be discontinuing its QnA service.     


paidContent.org - Microsoft Decides It Has No Answer For The Answers Market


Microsoft Shutting Down QnA, Questions & Answers Site


QnA latest Microsoft product to close its doors


Yahoo Answers Outlives MSN QnA


Microsoft shuts down Q&A service


MSN QnA Beta Is Closing On May 21st


A sad day in Seattle


Microsoft -- a dying company. Profit down over 30%.


Microsoft Encarta died - why? And will its contents be lost?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has recently announced that its beloved encyclopaedia, Microsoft
| Encarta, will soon be discontinued. After October 31, 2009 its contents will
| no longer be available. Both the online version and the CD ROM version will
| be discontinued.
| My first reaction was “what a pity”. My job is to gather and publish good
| contents. I know how much work goes into creating and publishing material.
| This news must have been quite hard to digest for people who have been
| working on Encarta for a while. The two main questions that come to mind,
| however, are: “Why?”, and more importantly, “What about the contents?”



Microsoft Slaps PC Gamers, Decides to Close Ensemble Studios

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite its legacy of producing some of the very finest strategy games with
| its Age of Empire and Age of Mythology series, Microsoft decided that it
| would be financially disadvantageous to continue to operate the wholly-owned
| Ensemble Studios.


Microsoft shuts down Ensemble Studios


Microsoft Burns Down Book Search

,----[ Quote ]
| Citing poor demand, Microsoft will back away from scanning and indexing books
| and academic works for Live Search


EFF: Microsoft betrayed MSN Music customers

,----[ Quote ]
| The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that Microsoft has "betrayed" MSN
| Music customers and wants the company to make things right by issuing an
| apology, refunds, and eliminate digital rights management technology from the
| Zune music player.


MSN Music Debacle Highlights EULA Dangers

,----[ Quote ]
| MSN Music’s EULA is a case in point. When active, MSN Music's webpage touted
| that customers could “choose their device and know its going to work”.
| But when customers went to purchase songs, they were shown legalese that
| stated the download service and the content provided were sold without
| warrantee. In other words, Microsoft doesn't promise you that the service or
| the music will work, or that you will always have access to music you bought.
| The flashy advertising promised your music, your way, but the fine print
| said, our way or the highway.


When DRM detonates your music collection

,----[ Quote ]
| It is all down to the digital rights management (DRM) software that Microsoft
| has embedded in all its music downloads to combat illegal file-sharing. For
| DRM to work it needs a central computer to keep a live record of who has
| registered which songs to which computers. The problem is that the main
| server is now being turned off as the company wants to sell downloads with a
| new type of DRM. How odd that the old system was marketed as PlaysForSure.

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