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[News] Bono Attacks Decisions of MAFIAADOPI

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Bono says he’ll sue France over HADOPI

,----[ Quote ]
| French European Parliament MP Guy Bono says he’ll call for legal action 
| against France if it adopts the corporate entertainment cartel’s HADOPI law. 
| Pushed by French president Nicolas Sarkozy on behalf of Vivendi Universal, 
| EMI, Warner Music and Sony Music, and Time Warner, Viacom, Fox, Sony, NBC 
| Universal and Disney, France’s lower house of Parliament has passed 
| the “three-strikes” law, also known as the HADOPI law.   



Has HADOPI Driven the French Insane?

,----[ Quote ]
| I refer, of course, to the infamous HADOPI law, which aims to deprive French
| citizens of their Internet connection purely on the say-so of French media
| companies. Doesn't sound like much égalité, fraternité there, does it? That's
| bad enough; but it seems that this bad legislation is leading to even worse
| knock-on consequences.
| [...]
| Now, one aspect not evident from the legalistic mumbo-jumbo above is that
| this spyware may well not support GNU/Linux:
|     The Assembly also postponed a handful of amendments that sought to exempt
|     the subscriber if the system is not interoperable with software security,
|     with the first assumption that it uses a system that is too old. An "old"
|     Windows with expensive software installed on, for example. Or a free
|     software ...
|     An amendment sought to nip in the bud the potential for discrimination
|     technological and financial background of interoperability ( "the means
|     of secure, freely available to consumers, are interoperable). But again,
|     it was rejected by the rapporteur implacably Franck Riester and the
|     Minister of Culture, Christine Albanel.

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