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[News] GNU/Linux Desktop for Works Fine for Patents of Linux Users

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Linux for Mom and Dad?

,----[ Quote ]
| So, the vast majority of people will not have to worry about software. The 
| key to enabling Mom and Dad to use Linux instead of Windows is 
|    1. making sure they can get Linux pre-loaded on their new computers,
|    2. making sure that drivers are available and easily found, so that 
|    plugging devices in “just works”, 
|    3. making sure configuration and network connections work smoothly, and 
|    that the geeky bits are hidden, and 
|    4. convincing them that it’s OK that they can’t call on Cousin Bubba’s 
|    friend, because he only knows Windows. 


Switching My Dad to Linux--Part Two

,----[ Quote ]
| The key thing throughout the experience has been that Ubuntu is genuinely a 
| better choice for my father's laptop. It has to be said that a large part of 
| this is the failings of Windows Vista. If the laptop had come with XP 
| installed, I would probably have suggested he stick with it, although I'd 
| have installed Firefox and OpenOffice.org for him. But Vista is a turkey of 
| an operating system that works against its users.     



Ten Years and Counting 

,----[ Quote ]
| Ten years ago this month (April 1, 1998, to be precise), I got hit with the 
| Chernobyl virus. It wiped out my hard drive's partition table and boot 
| blocks, leaving me with the computing equivalent of a cement block on my 
| desk.   
| [...]
| Two weeks ago today, I set Dad up with a Linux system. Mom had turned off his 
| laptop to clean it, not knowing that the shutdown would be the laptop's last. 
| So I donated my IBM Thinkpad 660X to the cause, setting it up to boot 
| automatically into XFCE and launch Gnome's Aisleriot solitaire program. It's 
| the only thing he does on the laptop, but for the man who made sure I had 
| food and clothes growing up, I'm glad to help provide his entertainment. And 
| I'm happy to use Linux to do it.      



Desktop Adapted for Dad

,----[ Quote ]
| I set my father's computer up with a GNU/Linux operating system. One
| basic feature of Linux is that each user has their own login to the
| system, and normally you do not login to the system as the super-user.
| This limits what my father is able to do on the system as he is not the
| super-user. To my surprise my father was delighted that he was restricted
| in that way, because then he knows that he cannot break the system by
| accident.
| To conclude I would say that my experience with my father and other
| inexperienced computer users convinces me that the modern desktop software
| is not obvious but that with basic training it is very easy to use. I
| firmly believe that anyone can use a computer, but it is essential that
| users have a properly configured desktop suitable for their use, as one
| size does not fit all.

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