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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Software and Hardware Behind the Competition, As Usual

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Internet Explorer 8 vs Google Chrome…..The Duel

,----[ Quote ]
| IE 8 is bad enough on it’s own merits, but Microsoft has sank pretty damned 
| low in turning it into a borderline trojan horse/spyware/browser search  
| hijacker. 


Microsoft’s anti-ipod ad shows how out of touch their Zune division is

,----[ Quote ]
| Would you rather have 180 real songs to keep or a lot of dead bits when you 
| stop paying Microsoft? 
| Now I’ve had my ipod for about 2 years now, so in that time I could have had 
| 360 songs from the Apple store or more just for what I would have otherwise 
| bought nothing from Microsoft for the same amount of money.  
| Though I still buy the CDs and rip them myself most of the time, the ipod is 
| clearly superior to the Zune. 
| And if you thought you were going to be cute and record your SPDIF output, 
| Vista will disable that if the file is DRM’d. 
| Have fun lighting your money on fire with Zune + Vista!



E.U.'s Bundle Of Joy For Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Opera initiated the Commission's case when it first filed a complaint in late
| 2007. Since then it has become one of the case's "interested third parties"
| together with Google and Mozilla under the umbrella of Brussels-based ECIS,
| or the European Committee for Interoperable Systems.
| But won't bundling a few more browsers like Opera into Windows be just as
| unfair to other browsers who aren't included? "That is of course a question
| that has to be addressed," said ECIS's legal counsel Thomas Vinje, who thinks
| between four and five other browsers should be packaged in. "The choice of
| who is included is an important one." Opera is not guaranteed a place, Vinje
| insists. The Commission would take advice on that from independent experts.


Microsoft Pushing Out IE8 Through Auto Update

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has begun pushing out Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of
| its Web browser, to Windows users who are signed up for automatic software
| updates.

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