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[News] GNU/Linux and Great Adoption Through Advertising

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Ignition Advertising for Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| I was reading a very interesting blog post section today called “Relevance to 
| Open Source and Paradigm shifts” by Alan Kay and SteveJ which is about how 
| ideas in society change and how to achieve critical mass.  



Microsoft Research...why make the effort?

,----[ Quote ]
| What research is for, in cases like Microsoft, is status. It's a very tax
| efficient, with many valuable and wonderful side effects that occasionally
| benefit the company, but its primary task is marketing. It's proof, even in
| these most distressingly modern of times, that patronage works.


Editor's Note: We Put the "No" In Innovation!

,----[ Quote ]
| A general rule of marketing is "The more noise they make, the less they have
| to crow about." Who makes the most noise about "innovation"? I bet you can
| guess....
| Every day I get virtually snowed under by blizzards of press releases. (I'm
| not sure that email is better than paper, because I could burn paper for
| heat, or compost it. Happy red worms like paper and break it down fast.) A
| few of them actually have something to do with Linux and FOSS. The rest are
| horrid collections of buzzwords, broken HTML, political foamings, spam, and
| irrelevant whatevers.
| For a long time the favorite buzzword was "paradigm." Remember all those
| paradigm shifts? There was a bit of humor value because none of them used the
| word correctly. (Wikipedia has an excellent article and definition.) But it
| got boring after the thousandth dopey repetition. Finally it died out, as
| these things do, and its replacement was "innovation". Now there is a
| perfectly good word that does not deserve to be abused in this fashion, but
| marketers are ruthless and without conscience when it comes to word abuse.

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