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Re: [News] PC-BSD 7.1 Looks and Works Better Than Windows Vista?

Tony(UK) wrote:
On Thu, 14 May 2009 03:40:55 +0200, General Patron wrote:

Hadron said the following on 2009-05-11 23:08:
Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


,----[ Quote ]
| Overall then, PC-BSD is an excellent Operating System, removing most
of the | disadvantages of FreeBSD, (and Linux) and putting it into a
neat system. `----

What disadvantages of Linux does it "remove".

Please be specific.
It's not linux.

...and it is very hard work, and hard freezes regularly (just like Linux is supposed to do but don't for me), and doesn't natively support my Samsung ML 2010 printer, and the applications available in the PBI are few and far between. Most codecs are built in, which is good, but there is a PBI for 'essential codecs' available, which is not needed and confusing. The user manual is outdated and in parts, no longer relevant. Most Linux distros beat it for usability, application choice, and on my test machine, stability. It claims to be rock-solid, but my experience has differed - I am left underwhelmed after expecting much more. A better choice would be Kubuntu, IMO. Disappointing.

Unfortunately that was also my experience with PC-BSD 7. I used earlier versions of OS without issue -- but even then, the number of PBI packages were few. I think that if you are going to use FreeBSD you're probably better off using "real" FreeBSD and learning the "BSD way" of installing (compiling) applications. I fail to see the advantage of the PBI packages over Linux repositories anyhow. Yum, YaST and Synaptics all work out your dependencies for you. What could be simpler?

"There's a story there...somewhere"

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